Sunday, May 25, 2008

Meme time. Amy lane tagged me and so here goes.

. Ten years ago I was...

Ten years ago I was living in the same house with the same wonderful man and had the same job. My children were 14, 12, and 9. Life was filled with school activities and teenaged drama. Now, things are more peaceful. I can come and go as I please without worrying about whether the kids have food or someone to cook it for them. PK and I are enjoying this freedom. Ten years ago I was just entering my 40's and sure that I was finally a grown up and knew some of the answers. Now that I am in my 50's, I realize I know far fewer of the answers but it doesn't matter as much. I am more contented with myself now than I was ten years ago. I am also more forgiving of myself and others.

. Five things on today's to do list:

Since today is part of a holiday weekend, there is no to do list. I have already fixed brunch and gotten a pedicure and a manicure. I am going to practice spinning and do some knitting and just sit in the wonderful spring sunshine. I will fix quiche for dinner with some bread out of the breadmaker, simple, easy and very little work involved.

Things I'd do if I were a billionaire:

I'd bulldoze down my house and build one to my specifications with lots of craft space. I would live in the same neighborhood because I like it here but I would buy a house at the beach somewhere so I could visit the ocean when I wanted. I would give money to my family members so they could work at jobs (or not) they enjoyed and not just to make money. I would quit my current job and volunteer teaching literacy skills somewhere. I would endow the local schools with money for scholarships for average students who want to go to college but don't qualify for scholarship money. I would fund CPR and First Aid classes at the local schools and upgrade their technology. I would give a former coworker the money she needs to open a group home for individuals with developmental disabilities (her dream). I would build and fund a mental health facility that was recovery based and treated the individuals seeking services with respect. I would pay the staff well and treat them with respect as well. I would buy PK a trip to the Space Station because he really wants to go (although I think he's crazy!). I would travel some but I am really a homebody and am content in my little corner of the world. I would raise sheep and have llamas to guard them. Of course, I would pay someone to shear them. It looks like a tough job. There are so many other things I would do, it would take pages and pages to list them all....

. Three bad habits

Only three? I like to spend money and probably don't ration my money nearly as well as I could. I have very little will power and if I want to eat something (no matter how bad it is for me) I will do it. I interrupt people when they are talking. I am trying hard to overcome this but sometimes I get so excited by an idea or a thought that I have to blurt it out. I am easily distracted and have to force myself to focus sometimes.

Five places I've lived

Camden, NJ(born there and lived there for a few years)

Magnolia, NJ(most of my childhood in one home)

Prairie du Sac, WI (I was a domestic exchange student in high school)

Hollywood, MD(right after we got married. Tiny, tiny town with cows all around us)

Somerdale, NJ(They'll probably bury my ashes in the back yard)

Not a very exciting list but them I am a homebody. I like my familiar surroundings and I love New Jersey. I am close enough to the ocean to spend a day at the beach if I want or to drive to the mountains or go deep into the woods. There are cities near by if I feel the need for lights and music and lots of people.

So, there is some more information about me. I am not sure who is left who hasn't done this (I tend to get in at the end of these things) so if you'd like to share, go for it. Let me know so I can read all about you.

Now I am off to cast on the second Lily of the Valley sock since I finished number one last night. Fast knit and pretty socks. And maybe take the spinning wheel outside in the sunshine. I'm sure the neighbors would all like to see me spin.....


Sheepish Annie said...

Oh, I did this one. But I think I left out the bad habits part.

Probably for the best. I think everyone is aware of my shortcomings by now. :)

Have a great weekend!

Galad said...

Enjoy your relaxation and time in the sun!

Rose Red said...

Very interesting! Your bad habits sound very similar to mine...

Hope you are having a lovely lovely long weekend!

Unknown said...

The neighbors need to see you spin, and your spinning wheel would love to play in the fresh air.

Love your meme responses. I have no idea how far a billion dollars would go. Remember the old tv show, "The Millionaire?" When a million dollars was enough to make someone wealthy for life. Ah, those were the days!

Em said...

That was fun!

Amy Lane said...

I'm with em--that was really fun! I loved your list of things you'd do with a billion dollars--now I just wish someone with your heart and imagination would win some of that!!!

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