Monday morning is not a usual post time for me. I am usually trying to get my act together for two medication clinics and deal with any problems left on the voicemail over the weekend.

However, today's inspiration was one I thought was right on target for today. And by today, I mean right now in our history as we face another contentious (and seemingly endless) election season.

Change is not something that we should fear.Rather, it is something that we should welcome.For without change, nothing in this world would ever grow or blossom, and no one in this world would ever move forward to become the person they're meant to be.

Thought provoking? I thought so.

Have a good day all.


teabird said…
A perfect thought for a (seemingly) neverending national nervous breakdown -
Roxie said…
November is so far away. And the Hillary supporters have called us Every. Single. Day. for the past two weeks, even though we are on the do not call list and have both already mailed in our ballots for the Oregon primary. there is such a thing as negative effectiveness.
Bezzie said…
Though provoking in its simplicity.
MadMad said…
Oh, I think we're all ready for a little change this time 'round, don't you? ;)
Sheepish Annie said…
Very thought-provoking indeed! Thanks for the new perspective.
Alwen said…
Re your comment about "Rumpltythump" on Samurai Knitter's blog, my husband is Irish (& Polish - I love the melting pot!) and makes Irish Colcannon, using mashed potatoes and chopped cabbage. I think cream and butter figure in there, too. I wonder if the "cannon" part led to "rumpltythump"?

There are probably as many variations on colcannon as there are on meatloaf.

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