Here it is Thursday already. I'd ask where the week has gone but I'm pretty sure I've slept it away. Today I have weaned myself off the codeine and onto plain ibuprofen tablets. This has helped me stay awake for most of the day. I still feel tired. I guess it takes a lot of energy to heal. PK and I went to the local diner for dinner. First time I've been out of the house all week and now I am ready for bed.

I have four incisions. Three little x's (one in my belly button and two on my right hip) and one straight line of about 2 inches under my right breast. That is the one that hurts. All of the incisions have bruises around them and all are glued. No stitches, just a cyano-acrylic glue. Yep, crazy glue. The stuff that holds grown men onto I-beams by the helmet is holding my skin together.

The soreness is much lessened today. I can move around and not hurt. It hurts if I forget and reach for something or pick up something or laugh. Oh god, it hurts to laugh. And we laugh so much around here. I was able to sit for a little while at the spinning wheel today. For the first time I actually got some yarn. Whoot! It's uneven and way overspun in some spots and way underspun in others but it's yarn. It's some Romney roving I got on Saturday while I was out with Peter Kevin. He thinks I'll be able to spin it into some socks for him. He's so optimistic. He also found a galoot to make a new whorl for the spinning wheel so I can use the bigger bobbins (now who's being optimistic?). I offered to make the guy some socks in payment. Seemed fair to me and a good trade.

In March I won a contest on Joan's blog. Today I got the prize package. It was full of goodies. Just look: There's a cute turquoise spring purse, some lovely smelling lotion for my hands, a candle that has my name on it and some Noro sock yarn and some pink yarn that is crying out to be something for me. Thanks Joan.
I have finished one of the Sockotta socks and I am in love with the yarn. I even managed a short row heel that doesn't suck too bad. I'd like to finish the other one before I go back to work. I am ready to work on the entrelac socks for El and hopefully they won't take too long to finish. I am pretty sure I want to make another shawl. This time I am eyeing one over at Sunflower designs. Susan has some beautiful flower inspired designs that have subtle beaded details.
I'm not sure if I feel up to a trip to Maryland this weekend. I think the car ride would be ok (despite what it would cost for gas) but I'm not sure about all the walking. I'd hate to get all the way down there and be too tired to walk around. Peter Kevin keeps saying "wait and see". I think he really wants to go . I think I am going to be obligated to attend some wood working show in the future!


Sheepish Annie said…
How funny! My SIL (who works in a doctor's office) were just discussing the use of adhesives for holding folks together last nigh. My poor mother was beyond befuddled!

Glad that you are starting to feel better. Don't over-do! Keep resting and healing and you will recover all the faster!
Bezzie said…
So am I the only one that thinks it's super cute that PK might be more crestfallen if you're not feeling up to MDSW this weekend???

Love your spun stuff--can't wait to make my own uneven over spun stuff! EEE!
MadMad said…
You sound like you're on the mend - I'm glad to hear you're laughing! And what perfect timing for a package, huh? Let me know what you think of the Noro sock yarn - I'm so curious about it!
amy said…
Sleep is good. And PK is right, the weekend is still a couple of days away. You never know. After my appendectomy, which was also laproscopic, I couldn't handle riding in my husband's car. He had an MR2 then and it was like sitting on the ground. We'd gotten into an accident with my car and it was being repaired at the time. Riding in his car was horrible.
Bells said…
Four incisions is four too many in my books. Heal well.xo
Dianne said…
Four incisions, and all over the place like that? Who would have thought. I'm glad you're feeling well enough to ease off the codeine.

If you aren't up to MD Sheep & Wool, maybe the Eco Fair where I work would be a nice trip. It's in Millville (in Cumberland County) and the admission is free. Here is the link:

I'm working all day Saturday in the museum - stop in and say Hi if you decide to come. Email me at dwood333 (at) hotmail (dot) com if you have any questions.
Roxie said…
If you hadn't had the anesthetic, you would understand why you still feel sore and tired. REST fer cryin' in the sink! Take it easy and allow your dear body to heal. There will be other fiber shows. Tell PK he can go twice next year.
teabird said…
There there, you'll be able to go to the festival next year. This year, you have to knit yourself back together. (Glue? GLUE??)

I know - send PK to the festival with a camera phone. You can observe, and tell him what to buy!
I wish you good healing. Glad you're feeling better. You said, it hurts to is GOOD that you can laugh.
Galad said…
Glad to hear you are on the mend. If you listen to your body it will tell you how much you can do. Isn't amazing how exhausting just going out for dinner can be when you are recuperating?
Congrats on the spinning. It looks like you are making good progress.
Amy Lane said…
What a lovely gift! And the first spun can always make something funky--a cell-phone cover or a change purse...funky cool, right? I'm glad you're feeling better--you know, if you do go, I'm sure you can find some places to just sit... (says the woman who has been trying to decide whether or not to see the Harlot because she'd have to drag her kids all over the Maker Fair!)
Alwen said…
Skin glue!

Take it easy and don't put too much strain on your skin glue. :)
Julie said…
Glad you're feeling better. Keep in mind the super glue - it also works wondefully on cuts on your hands and fingers, to keep your yarn from snagging in the wounds.

The fresh yarn looks lovely. Looks like you're getting the hang of it.

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