Happy Mothers' Day! I've always felt a little strange celebrating this day. As I said, my family is good to me and I don't feel unappreciated or in need of a day to be patted on the back for giving birth. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the day off. I like having someone else cook dinner and worry about other household chores. But, I get those things when I need them. I just have to say "I don't feel like (fill in least favorite household chore here)" and usually Peter Kevin will say, "I'll do it" or one of the girls will take care of it. Kate is especially good at cleaning the cats' boxes (ewww) a chore I despise but recognize the importance of! The only chore I usually can't get out of is laundry. I guess it's the control freak coming out but I like my laundry done MY way.

Do we need a day to tell loved ones they are important? Maybe. Maybe we should all take the time to tell them every day, or at least more frequently than once a year. Kate asked the bakery to write on a cake (white with white frosting and coconut, mmmmm a favorite) "We totally, like ,appreciate you". It made me laugh and is so perfect. We are an irreverent bunch around here but I think everyone knows that they are loved and appreciated for their uniqueness among mortal beings.

I'm not sure if my children realize that they carry large chunks of my heart out with them each day. As they grow and become more themselves, I see less and more of myself there. I see them make fun of my "miracle in every square inch of creation" philosophy but, I see them noticing the miracles. What they don't notice is that THEY are the miracles of my life. THEY are the best and most wonderful thing I have ever done.

No matter what else I do in my life, I have given the world three lovely, intelligent, smartass, beautiful Wood Women. Look out.
P.S. The photo is a shot of a local wildflower, Indian Paintbrush. I took it last Spring on a trip to the Wharton State Forest. No significance to the post, just a bright shot of color. Can you tell I found the text color button today?


amy said…
That's how I feel, too. I kind of feel Mother's Day is backwards and have felt that since I became a mother myself. I wouldn't BE a mother without the gift of these children. I didn't do anything special; I'm so thankful I have them.

I'm also a control freak about the laundry, and pretty much about the cooking, too, if it involves raw meat at any stage, because I'm a little OCD about cleaning up afterwards. The only time I reluctantly relinquish laundry duties is when I'm postpartum, because it involves going up and down stairs.

And Happy Mother's Day to you, too. :)
Rose Red said…
Happy Mother's Day! I like, totally appreciate you too!

And I third the washing thing. Cannot trust my husband to do it. He'd probably wash one item at a time. Or mix the whites and colours. Or hang on the line wrong (oh yes, there is a wrong way to hang out the washing!)
Amy Lane said…
I'm sooooooo with you on that--the parts of my heart that they exhibit when they're not paying attention are the parts that make me proudest. (I do like the 1st season of Supernatural I got as a gift, though--don't get me wrong:-)
Bezzie said…
I'm the same way about the laundry. I hate it but I can't give it up!

Happy late mother's day!
Galad said…
It would be nice if we would take the time every day to tell family and friends how much they mean to us. In practice, it probably doesn't happen as much as we would like.

Glad to hear you had a good day with your family!

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