Here it is a week later already and what a difference.  Summer isn't over for almost 3 weeks but there is a definite change in the air and the attitude. 

solution 1

solution 2

Our new dress code started yesterday.  I was proud of myself for remembering it and then realized I had on a skirt which meant my tattoo on the ankle was exposed.  This was my first solution.  I have a basic first aid kit in my desk so I pulled out some gauze and tape.  After listening to people asking "what did you do to your ankle?" all morning, I took up some spare yarn and a crochet hook and came up with this.  It's not beautiful but it serves its purpose. 

Peter Kevin (who has a devious mind-one of the reasons I love him) suggested I cut and sew a piece of white cloth and embroider or draw the tattoo design on it and wear that.  He figures it complies with the letter of the law by covering up the actual tattoo.  One of my coworkers suggested a leather band with spikes because it isn't outlawed in the dress code.  My ankle will only be an issue for a short time and then not till next spring.  My wrist may be more of a problem. 

If there was an award for Slug of the Year, Pk and I would be in a tie for first place after last weekend.  He watched soccer games and I read and knit.  For four days.  It was just too humid to go outside and do anything so we stayed inside.  If you sat still and had the fan running, it was bearable.  I cooked some good food like sweet and sour pork. 

When we got married, Pk's dad gave us a wok.  Our wok has gotten a lot of use over the years but this is one of our favorite dishes.  The sauce is pleasantly salty/sweet and the pork is crunchy and tender.  It's a bit of labor to get it ready but it is so worth it. 

Em came and tried on her dress and it juuussst fits.  If she gains an ounce, it won't fit anymore.  She is very happy with it and I am very happy to hand it over to her.  We have ordered the cake and all that's left is to make potato salad for 40 people on Thursday night so we can give it to the caterer along with the cakes.

Pk has been making shawl pins.  It's amazing to me that he turns these delicate pieces of wood on his lathe.  He asked Elanor to make him some bead toppers for decoration and she came up with a few nice ones.  I am the proud owner of two.  One has a bead on the top and one has a hand turned piece of wood. 

His next experiment is to make pens as holiday gifts for his coworkers.  He likes trying new things as much as we all like trying new patterns.

The garden state sheep show is this coming weekend.  We're planning to go on Sunday since Katie has off and can go then.  I like this one.  It's relatively small and the crowds aren't overwhelming.  The weather is supposed to be gorgeous and we are looking forward to a day outside for a change.

I finished another baby sweater for a coworker.  The baby is due in October so the colors are perfect for a fall baby.  I love te colors in the yarn.  And I love using colorful plastic buttons.  Baby clothes are so darn cute.

My workplace is undergoing a process to become a 'trauma informed' center.  This means we are more sensitive and knowledgeable about trauma.  One of the things that I am finding useful in my daily interactions with people is the questions I'm learning to ask.  When you come across someone who is having a bad day or is in a bad mood, instead of asking "What's wrong with you?", ask "What happened to you?".  Can you see the difference?  It feels much more supportive and takes all blame out of the question.  People stop and actually think about their answers and it is a very useful tool.

It's small things like that that make a difference.  Have a good Wednesday. 


Galad said…
I like PK's answer to covering up the tattoo but don't think your bosses would find it amusing :-)

Kate Wood said…
How wide around is your wrist? I could weave you a cuff to cover your tattoo.
Roxie said…
You tattooed lady! How about sticking a mailing label over your wrist tattoo?

Slugfest days are good for you!
Saren Johnson said…
You can't be the winning slug, that's my title!!

Some costume shops have tattoo cover makeup. Don't know if you really want to spend that much, while you have a frilly answer.
DrK said…
i completely support PKs tattoo solution. whats the problem with tattoos anyway? sigh. im glad to hear you're both happy with the dress, looking forward to the photos. i really like the change of emphasis in the last question. i think it does us all good to stop and remember people have stuff going on that might not be about us!
Rose Red said…
That is a great way to reframe that question - it really is amazing what a difference it can make to actually think about the words we use and how they can impact on others.

Good news about the dress, that must have been a relief.

Your s&s pork looks fantastic! Yum! I have gone through so many woks in my cooking life. I can never stop the, from rusting, ho matter how well I look after them.

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