The days here are losing the light so fast.  We've lost an hour at night.  By 7:30 we are well into dusk.  It seems to take so long for the days to grow and they just seem to slide away so quickly.

We are at W-2 here (2 days until Em's wedding).  Tonight Pk, El and I will make several pounds of potato salad and pack it off to the caterer tomorrow morning.  The wedding is on Saturday afternoon down at the beach.  The weather has been incredibly humid and rather warm all week but Saturday?  70 degrees.  I am taking a nice warm alpaca shawl and a sweater just in case.  When I'm not suffering power surges, I am still easily cold.

I am also, evidently, a frail fragile flower of femininity.  I got two bites on my arm (presumably mosquitos) that are large, painful and have small blisters.  I think it's an allergic reaction to whatever bit me.  I've had reactions before but never blisters.  I put a call into the doctor because I don't want to end up in the ER with an infection on Saturday morning.  I've been hospitalized on bags and bags of IV antibiotics twice and been seen in the ER for them several times.  All for cellulitis.  I am a MRSA carrier and I get a bit nervous when there are warm red spots on my skin.

Peter Kevin an I spent most of last Saturday building this.  Em wanted a shelter to put on the beach for the wedding.  Something romantic.  Pk used bamboo and we bought about 40 yards of tulle and some silver stars and blue ribbons and made this.  It flows softly in the breeze and the bits hanging in the back have glitter which catches the light and sparkles.

Sunday was the Garden State Sheep Breeders Show so you know that we saw some of these.  Don't you want to bury your hands in those curls?  These are young goats and they were so curious.

And of course there were some young alpacas who were more than willing to pose for me.  

 I expect to see all of these but I don't expect to see one of these in a pen at a sheep show.  This guy was very quietly looking around.  I'm not sure if someone found him on the fair grounds and put him in the cage or he belonged to someone.  He had pretty markings on his feathers.

We wandered around, petting animals and of course, petting wool.  When we go to these things, I am not looking to spend money on things I can easily get every day.  I touch everything but only buy things that strike me as unusual.
Sunday,  I came home with a sheep key chain and a penguin cookie cutter to add to our menagerie of animals for holiday cookies.  I bought a bag of alpaca that is mostly light grey with darker grey tips, just beautiful.  Like putting your hand in a warm fuzzy cloud.  I didn't know alpaca had crimp in it and was surprised to see it.  It's been way to humid to even think about touching this but it's on the top of my list of things to spin when the cooler weather comes in soon.

We watched a sheep dog puppy named Diva who had only just seen sheep the day before, run circles around them (literally) in a counter clockwise direction.  The sheep looked like they just wanted to be left alone and here comes this whippersnapper running around and round.  The older, more experienced dogs put on a display of their prowess and they were amazing. 

Oh and we bought the biggest bag of kettle corn we could.  I love this stuff. 

I am off to a meeting for the upgrade of our computer program.  I am the SuperUser.  Pk finds this humorous since he knows exactly how much I don't understand about computers and the way they work.  We are updating our system and moving to Win7 at the same time.  It should be hell on wheels for a while around here.  Maybe I'll take a vacation that week.......

Have a wonderful Thursday and then a great weekend.  I'll take lots of wedding photos and share the joy with you all next week.


Roxie said…
The bower for the wedding is beautiful! YOu and PK ae aces!!

I love that you are the Superuser! You will just have to change some habits. It's amazing how much of this computer stuff we actually do on auto-pilot.

Hope the blistered arm heals up really, really fast. IV antibiotics are no fun.
Galad said…
Give Em hugs from Nicole and me and have a wonderful time!
Rose Red said…
It's Sunday afternoon here, so the wedding will be over by now - hope the wedding went beautifully and you all had a great time. Look forward to pics. You and PK did a lovely job on the bower (good word Roxie!)
DrK said…
like jane, i am reading on sunday afternoon and its early sunday morning your time. i hope it went fanatstically, and the happy couple are happy! cant wait to see the photos and i love that the 'nower' colours match her dress. hope you are ok and blisterfree xx

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