Two weeks ago, I was standing in front of the bathroom mirror at 6:30 (as you do) and decided my hair needed a cut right NOW.  No, it couldn't wait for the afterwork time when I could see the stylist.  I grabbed the scissors and cut about and inch and a half off the bottom.  Just whacked it off. 

I kind of liked it so I went and had the stylist adjust the other layers proportionately and now it looks good. 

See, adorable, right? It waves and curls and is bouncy.  I really like it. 

 That's my office mate's corner.  He is of the opinion that any flat surface could be a shelf and so it becomes a shelf.  He keep promises to clean it off but I'm not holding my breath.
The fabric came for Em's dress.  What you can't see in this photo is how silky it feels, like cool water running over your skin.  That very quality is what's going to make it hard to work with.  I have been reading up on silk charmeuse and I'm in for a challenge.  I have everything I need but was just absolutely exhausted both mentally and physically last night and couldn't face fussing with fussy fabric.

I had to make a phone call to Child Protective Services regarding a client's child and I know the phone call will cause her no end of trouble (and she is not the reason for the call and has already taken steps to fix the problem) but I am a Mandated Reporter.  I have no choice but to report it when I learn that a child or elderly person has been abused in any way.  While I know it was the right thing to do, it wore me out mentally.  I am afraid I just eroded all the carefully built up trust she had and that makes me unbearably sad.

The physical exhaustion is the result of the perimenopause.  It wakes me up at odd hours and sometimes I can't get back to sleep.  I've been awake since about 3:30 this morning and I am tired.  I know this will pass and all in all, I am not faring too badly.  It's just annoying.  I have mild to medium power surges and don't feel the need to stick my body into a freezer.   I can deal with those but the sleeplessness will drive me nuts.  Fortunately it doesn't happen every night.  Tonight I'd like to go to bed and sleep peacefully all the way through. 

It's hard to believe it's August.  Our weather seems to be out of sync with the calendar.  Usually June is lovely (thus all the weddings) and July is hot and dry and August is very hot and humid as all get out.  This year, June was hot and humid and very very wet, July was hot and humid and very wet and August has been really pretty nice.  Nice enough to get outside a bit more.  We've not been on many picnics or meals by the river due to the heat/humidity.  This has brought increased mosquitos, also keeping us inside.  I'd like to have dinner outside tonight but the tiredness may preclude that.

I'll be spending most of my free time working on the dress and finishing some mitts for Pk's coworker and a baby sweater for an impending arrival at work.  Then I'll think about something for Pk for Christmas.  I got a lovely skein of yarn from Roxanne at Zen Yarn Garden yesterday in the mail.  I've really missed her yarn each month and this one is a Kandinsky-another one of my favorite artists.  I've promised Pk it can be socks for him since it's cashmere/merino but has nylon in it.  He deserves a bit of luxury and he really appreciates the socks I make.  He not only wears them but takes every opportunity to show them off.

I think it will keep me busy for a while.  Have a good weekend.


Kate said…
Actually, getting married in June is traditionally very lucky and dates back to ancient Greece and Rome. June is Juno/Hera's month, and her two main spheres of influence are women and marriages. It was believed that being married in June would give the bride and the couple the blessings of Juno/Hera for a happy, prosperous, and lasting marriage.
But the weather is a good reason for Jun weddings nowadays.

The more you know...
Roxie said…
Silk charmeuse - you are a Brave woman! But then you cut your own hair. (I know the urge. I have used a safety razor and nail scissors when the need is on me.)

Hope the sewing has gone well.
DrK said…
oh yes you are brave, cutting your own hair, making your daughters wedding dress. its the most beuatiful blue though! im sorry too you have to deal with that stuff at work. thats a really hard issue. yes you did the right thing, but that doesnt make it easier. i hope your client understands. take it easy on yourself.

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