We had some of the most beautiful weather this past weekend (and I say this as I look outside at the very dark day (and it's only 7:45 AM) where it's raining. Again.).  Everything around here is green, green, green.  Usually by this time in the year, it's quite brown and crispy.  I know it's green because the blood tests I had done recently showed that my allergy markers were almost 700 (average is 30).  

bread and butter pickles

But it is gorgeous to look around and see everything still fresh looking and growing.  Especially the plants in the garden.  Our tomatoes are delicious and our cucumbers have been prolific so this weekend I took several of them and made some pickles.

   These are bread and butter pickles (made with white vinegar and apple cider vinegar and spices).  They are refrigerator pickles so after the hot brine is poured over the cukes, they are left to cool on the counter and then put in the fridge. 

garlic dill pickles

You are supposed to wait 2 weeks before eating them but I had to take a taste.  Oh my goodness! They are tangy and sweet and just a bit peppery.  The ones on the left are dill pickles.  They have fresh dill, garlic cloves and peppercorns in them.  I wish I had larger jars but these were the only jars I had at the time. 

It couldn't be any easier.  The jars look so pretty and the kitchen smelled wonderfully spicy. 

I did some knitting on Saturday and actually finished a few rows on my Ringwraith.  I am almost finished repeat 3 (of 16) and I love the color.  Only problem is that I cannot watch anything while working on it.  I can listen to a book and I need good light since the color is rather dark.  The yarn is soft and has a slight halo (it's part mohair) and I just love the way it feels to touch it. 
Product Details

We ordered a guyaberra shirt for Pk to wear for Em's wedding and it came yesterday.  It fits perfectly and looks perfectly handsome on him.  El and I went shopping for a dress to wear and we found her a lovely floaty summer frock.  I didn't see anything that floated my boat so I will probably wear a dress I already own that I love.  It makes me feel good to wear (and I have a few options in terms of shawls) and it's comfortable and light.

I am waiting for the new pattern and material for Em's dress to arrive so I can get started.  She chose a silk charmeuse which I understand is a bit on the difficult side to work with.  It will be nice if the weather stays reasonable while I work on it.

The rain is coming down in buckets now.  I am SO glad it waited until I got into work.  On my way home Friday, the sky opened up and I got soaked even with an umbrella.  It was just raining so hard that roads flooded and it was impossible to do anything about it.  We had plans to go to the movies but instead just went home and put dry clothes on and lounged around.  That set the tone for most of the weekend.  We did what we had to do and the rest of the time, nada.  God, I love summer.  These long sunny days are perfect for either being productive and having fun or just lazing and relaxing.  But we can already start to see the difference in the light.  Summer is on the way out even though the calendar says we have a month left.

Before you know it, the countdown for the holidays will begin......


amy said…
I'm noticing the difference in day length keenly. I used to get up at 5:15 to bright sunny skies. Now I need to wait longer if I don't want to run in the dark, and soon I won't be able to run in the mornings at all before my husband leaves for work. :(
Roxie said…
Countdown to the holidays? OMG - only four more knitting months till Christmas!

what an unusual summer it has been! And still, I'm sad to see it winding down. I'd better go take a nice walk outside while I still can. It's been wet for you and dry for us. Things will turn around all too soon. Glad you got dry clothes and a quiet evening. Don't get a chill!
Saren Johnson said…
Our sun light is being blocked by smoke. Fire season is in full force here.
DrK said…
we are already getting a strong taste of summer here, with much warmer than average days. its still snowing down south though, so winter isnt over yet. i dont usually like summer but im looking forward to it for the reasons you say, the long days, more time to do what we like, or to do nothing at all. and for me, getting in the water. cant wait. those pickles look great, i had great fun on my trip tasting pickles which we dont really have here, i had pickle tasting plate in chicago even. they are my new favourite thing :)

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