Happy Easter.

Pk and Elanor and I have just finished breakfast (omelets and babka-not my best babak, it's a bit dry).  We of course listened to Jesus Christ Superstar and now Godspell is on the player.  It's our tradition.

Yesterday, I made the beans and a birthday cake for Emily.  It's a Pina Colada cake recipe that my grandmother used to make for Easter.  It's better than I remembered. 

I realized that I haven't been updating here as often as I would like.  Partly it's due to my ipad.  Since it came into my life, I don't pay nearly enough attention to the laptop and I can't post on my ipad (or maybe I can but I haven't figured out how to yet).  I read books on it and watch videos and read the newspaper and keep up with other blogs but can't update my own. 

So, here's what's been going on for the past week and a half.

There has been knitting.  My sweater is just a few inches and a button band away from being finished.  Pk is working on the buttons for me.  I am working on my Ringwraith stole and I love the subtle colors that come out.  It takes some concentration and there are no return purl rows.  I only work on it when I am listening to a book and not watching anything.

Kylie came to visit our area and we had dinner at the diner (that's her with Elanor).  After a meal of burgers and fries and PIE (huge wedges) we took her to of all places, Walmart.  In my defense, she asked.

We have a Super Walmart and when you walk in the door, it's an overwhelming sight.  Kylie was a bit overwhelmed at all the Easter products but managed to get the Reese's eggs she was looking for.

And everyday it snowed.  This is the parking lot one morning last week.  This day (I think it was Thursday), it snowed enough to cover the grass.  In March.  In Spring.  We were still wearing heavy coats and mittens.  Fortunately, today is warmer and tomorrow will be really warm (61!) but rainy.  We are not getting complacent though since snowflakes show up in the forecast for later in the week.  Winter just won't let go.

Cake for Em's birthday which is Tuesday.  We'll celebrate it today.  She asked for handmade gifts (and kitchen aprons) and we have all been working hard to give her what she asked for.  I think she'll be pleased.

She asked for a coconut cake and this is what I made.  I like the Peeps best.  I have a fondness for them that is unreasonable since they are nothing but sugar. 

Em and Kate are fixing Easter dinner and we will be heading up to Em's in about an hour and a half so maybe I should get off the computer and get into the shower.

So, Happy Easter!  After we give Em her handmade gifts, I'll show them to you.  We seem to be a very crafty family.  I hope Spring is treating you a bit better than it is treating us.  (although I will not complain since I know it can be worse!)


Galad said…
Have a wonderful celebration and give Em a birthday hug from Nicole and me!
Roxie said…
Handmade gifts and aprons! Pinacolada cake. You have the best celebrations!!
Saren Johnson said…
Happy birthday Em!!

Saren Johnson said…
Blogger has an app you can use to post, just saying...
Kaye said…
I will say that the blogger app kinda sucks. I have used it on my phone, and I'm not to fond of posting with pictures using the app. JMHO.

Love that coppery color of your sweater!!
Rose Red said…
Happy Easter to you too, and Happy Birthday Em!

I don't post as much on my iPad either, even though wordpress has an app. I do use my iPad to take most of my blog photos though, which means they aren't as good as they used to be!
DrK said…
happy birthday to the daughter i didnt meet :) and i totally fell in love with walmart, it was great! such a lovely night, it was so great to get spend time with locals doing local things, thank you xx

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