Pk and I were wondering last night when DST starts this year and it turns out it's next Sunday.  Already!  I am of the opinion that it's really not necessary to do this each year and I really wish we'd just leave time alone.  It throws me off for about a week until my body gets used to the different light levels. 

Today I feel good for the first time in a while.  "Good" is a relative term since I am crampy as hell and headachy but my brain is clear and my mood is upbeat.  Last week I had one of the worst cases of PMS I have ever had.  Sore breasts and bloated and fuzzy headed and just miserable.  I spent another resting weekend and today I feel pretty good.

My head is clear and I feel like smiling and when the ibuprofen kicks in and the cramps go away, I'll be hunky dory. 

Namaste emailed me to just contact them when I'm ready to use my store credit and they will take care of it for me.  I've got my eye on one of their Urban Hipster bags.  It kind of looks like an updated fanny pack kind of thing.  A small bag for trips when all you need is money, keys and tissues (and a small sock project).  It has a cross body strap and looks cute.

I started a new stole using Blue Moon Geisha in their Valkyrie color.  They did a whole line of colors overdyed with black.  It makes for deep, rich colors.  The yarn is mohair/silk/nylon and shines a bit but not too much.  The pattern is Ringwraith (one of the LOTR patterns) and I don't think my head was clear enough to follow the directions because I had to start over about a dozen times.

I had such trouble with simple directions!  Crossed stitches and small cables.  Nothing difficult.  It must have been the PMS.  I did learn to do a long tail cast on (which is very cool).  It's the first time I've actually used the recommended yarn for a pattern and I wanted to make sure I followed the directions to the letter this time.  Susan does such gorgeous patterns (like the Evenstar), I want to do this one justice. 

I have about 8 completed rows that I know are correct.  I finally put it away yesterday.  I ordered 2 skeins of the yarn which is listed as fingering but is fairly thin.  It would make lovely lacy socks and I may do that with the leftovers. 

Otherwise, things here are going on as they were.  We are involved in a program called Sanctuary here at work.  It's a citywide initiative.  I volunteered to be part of the core group of initiates (I know, I'm not supposed to volunteer for things but this is something I believe in).  Sanctuary will help us to take care of ourselves as well as our clients.  It also feels like a small bit of job security.  The idea is to provide support for each other as well as the people we serve.  Some people already do this but others need to be drawn slowly toward the light.  There are a lot of cynics here. 

The bulbs in my front yard are growing and growing.  I'm watching for the crocuses to stick up their heads and open their faces.  It was not a harsh winter here, just cold and wet.  Very wet.  I am glad for our new roof.  Despite the cold, wet winds, we were snug and dry. 

How are y'all?


Saren Johnson said…
Our flowers haven't started popping up yet, but some of the trees are budding.
Kaye said…
Your croci (or is it crocuses?) have started already? What a bummer. It's too early! LOL! But then again "spring" to me always means late April/May. ;-)
Galad said…
The Sanctuary model looks amazing.I can see why you wanted to be a part of it. I'll look forward to hearing more about it!
DrK said…
it is dark here till 7am now so i will be happy when we flip back to normal time. im going to be struggling with jetlag and time zones as it is without DST! i am so looking forward to hearing and seeing more about your work in person, not long now!

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