I headed off to my regular 12 week bp check up at the doctors last night.  I got my blood work done before the appointment and I was all ready for her to tell me that all my numbers are looking good. 

I have been taking my medication and eating more fruits and vegetables since Pk has started making us salads for lunch each day.  He makes amazing salads and somedays he makes fruit salads with lettuce and whatever fruits we have and a citrus/honey dressing.  It is so yummy.

Imagine my surprise/distress when she told me everything looks good but not the triglycerides.  I have been taking the Omega 3 fatty oils and all the fruits and vegetables!  I know triglycerides are a measure of fat in the body.  I have cut down my fat intake! 

Well, it turns out that the fruit we've been eating (and the banana I have on my cereal every morning isn't helping) is adding to the triglyceride level.  Any fruit that you have to peel to eat counts as a carb.  I knew that fruits are high in sugar but somehow I guess all that Food Pyramid stuff about "5 A Day for Health" sunk in and I assumed we were doing a good thing.

Sigh.  We can have the occasional fruit salad and it can contain things like pears, peaches. plums, blueberries and strawberries but no more clementines, tangerines, melons, BANANAS or mangoes.

The no more (or way fewer) bananas really makes me sad.  My favorite weekday breakfast is cereal, lowfat milk and banana.  She suggested I have blueberries with my Cheerios but that's only good when they're in season.

We also had a conversation about allergies since my bloodwork shows that my body is actively engaged in a war against the pollens (I didn't know blood tests could show this but evidently they can) and the damn hormone fluctuations due to perimenopause.

Some days I am so cranky and I have started to let people around me know it.  I am not cranky by nature and I hate this.  I can hear myself being cranky and can't seem to help it.  My sleep is interrupted and that doesn't help and parts of my body are so sore I'll belt the first person who touches them.  I am not a good candidate for HRT and really, this is all more annoying than anything else.  I can deal-it's the people around me who are going to suffer!  I have mild power surges but so far nothing extreme.  The scary part is that it could go on for several years.....

I have been awake since 3:45 this morning so I have a feeling the energy level will drop sometime soon so I need to get as much work done this morning a I can.  I think I'm going to take a half day and do the grocery shopping and then Pk and I can have a low key Date Night later tonight. 

Tomorrow we are going to MDSW.  I will make sure to take the epi pen (yellow jackets and hornets are ubiquituous at these kind of things), and load up on antihistamines.  I am really looking forward to it and so is Pk.  He likes to go to the show.  He looks at spinning wheels and says "I can make that" and of course he admires the Feeder Lambs.  The weather is supposed to be perfect.  Not humid so lots of yarn petting can happen.

How about you?  Are you feeling ok?  Any plans for the weekend?


Galad said…
My triglycerides are high too. My doctor says basically chicken/fish, vegetables and limited fruit.I don't stick with it because it is so restrictive. Good luck with your dietary changes.

Have a great time this weekend and take pictures :-)
amy said…
I hope you're having a great time at MDSW and the weather there is as gorgeous as the weather here!!
DrK said…
well erg. i am sorry to hear that about the blood work etc. people dont seem to realise that fruit can be very problematic. its frustrating isnt it, trying to get it all right? i forget how diet affects my mood, ive been eating badly and not regularly and ive been tired and emotional. hopefully your day at MDSW will be great, im looking forward to seeing what you come home with! take care xx
Rose Red said…
I'm sorry about the bananas most especially! My favourite fruit, I would miss them very much.

I hope you had a great day at MDSW, looking forward to pics and details!
Saren Johnson said…
How was the convention? =^.^=
Olivia said…
I agree getting the food balance right can be frustrating...there is so much advice out there. I've been using frozen blueberries with my porridge (oatmeal) - they defrost nicely when I stir them into the hot cereal. I wonder if you could defrost the amount you need for your cereal, perhaps overnight? Sometimes they are a bit less sweet than the fresh ones, which are the best, but they are still pretty good.

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