At the end of the day on Friday, I asked a coworker if he had any plans and he said "No".  I said "me neither, isn't it great?"  and he agreed.

Isn't it nice to have one of those weekends where you have no real plans and don't have to be anywhere or see anyone?  And the weather cooperated and it was sunny and more mild than it's been in a long time.

Pk chose to fix the front of our siding. 

See the small black square there above the front door?  That's where the old roof used to be attached.  It had been covered with some flashing for a temporary fix but the siding needed to be repaired.

And look how nice it looks!  It took him most of his day but it is so worth it.  He used some of the siding from the back of the house.  It all matches in color and looks really good.  He was so proud of himself. We have enough pieces of siding that match to finish up the "public" sides of the house, the front and side.  We'll put some T111 siding on the back until we finish demolishing the old porch area and decide what to put in its place. 

I washed the windows and curtains on Saturday and did a general clean up (and of course did laundry).  I love the way the windows seem to shine.  I never realize how many water spots and how much dirt is on the windows until I clean them.

Today, we "puttered".  Pk cut up some logs so they could go out on the curb and I worked on his socks (and watched episodes of the X Files- I've never seen it).  It was a beautiful weekend.  We slept in and ate our favorite foods and let life flow over and around us.

MDSW is next weekend.  Pk and I are going on Saturday.  He is really interested in a "feeder lamb" (a small lamb that you fatten up and then have butchered).  I have a feeeling that it will cost more to feed and butcher the lamb than it would be to buy lamb in the grocery store.

Purple tulips!
I am interested in some Icelandic Sheep roving.  I had a conversation with a woman who raises them last year and I think I'd like to try spinning some.  I am not going to "buy all the things", just things I've never used or can't get anywhere else.  Or maybe some sock yarn.  The artwalk sock yarn club has changed and I miss it.  Now I have to go and actually choose my own colors.  Roxanne pulled me out of my comfort zone and I will have to make an effort not to fall back on my old faithful colors.

Oh, and a new broom.  The man who makes corn brooms will be there and Pk is looking forward to seeing him.  And there's the booth that sells honey and the potters and and and.....I just hope the weather is good. 

But before that, I have to get through this week at work. 


Galad said…
The house is looking really good! All that hard work has paid off.

I know what you mean about yarn colors and comfort zone. I still have some Art Walk yarn that I never used because they weren't "my colors". Realizing I was in a rut, I pulled out some pink and black Opal sock yarn last night. I have no idea why I bought it (probably on sale) but I can already envision these socks with black slacks :-)
Saren Johnson said…
PK did an awesome job on the house.
Anonymous said…
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