It seems that most everyone loves bananas.  I don't have to give them up entirely, just not have them everyday.  Today I had some Special K with Red Berries-whole wheat flakes and dried berries.  It was almost as good as Cheerios with bananas but not quite.  I'll get used to not eating them on my cereal all the time. 

Friday I left work early, ostensibly to do the grocery shopping so we wouldn't have to run around on Sunday and do it but the day was so lovely, I decided to get my nails done instead.  Even if we didn't have food to eat, I would look lovely not eating!

I love getting my nails done and having them painted red (I'm Not Really A Waitress Red by Opi) but I hate the fact that they chip so soon and it's so noticeable.  I am a bit obsessive about chips in my polish and so I spend a lot of time touching it up.  I'm planning on a manicure/pedicure on Mother's Day but I think I'll have my fingers painted a pale pink.  Chips don't show as much.  My toes are a sparkly red color and I think I'll keep that.

MDSW was a great trip!  The weather was absolutely perfect-sunny and very bright and warm but not hot.  Pk has a bright pink nose because it didn't occur to him to use some sun block.  I used a tinted moisturizer with spf 30 and only had a lovely pink glow.

You can see the bright blue sky.  It brought out the crowds!  I don't like being in the middle of crowds like this but I managed to survive while we were outside.  Inside the barns it was a different story.  Don't people realize that if they stand in the middle of a small and very congested aisle that others can't move around them?  Evidently not because it was crazy crowded and trying to get from booth to booth was almost impossible. 

We did get through some of the barns and I was surprised and delighted to see a number of baby sheeps this year.  They were hard to get photos of because a large sheep (presumable Mom) would stand in front of them and block the view.  I did manage to get this one before Mom (a very large and wooly creature with suspicion in her eyes) stepped in front of her/him.  Just 10 days old.  I wanted to cuddle but Mom had other plans.

I had a friend from work with me (along with Pk and Elanor) who is not a fiber person.  I was surprised when she said she wanted to go but we had a good time.  There are enough other crafters there to make it interesting for non-knitter/weaver/spinners.  Like me, she bought some KettleKorn and honey (I got Cranberry and Buckwheat). 

We also bought a new corn broom.  Pk is in love with these brooms.  He was looking forward to going so we could buy a broom for the garage, I mean workshop.  We have one for the inside and it is a great broom.  (I should have bought one for my neighbor who is enamored of gas powered blower devices.  He needs to meet the broom).

We also bought some flowers for the front of the house.    They should fill the space in front of the window and are good in poor soil and full sunlight.  They look like small daisies and I'm looking forward to seeing them bloom.  Pk planted them yesterday.

I didn't find the icelandic wool roving I was looking for (no great loss, I have plenty to keep me busy spinning for a long time).  I thought these Paca Pops were adorable but a bit pricey for plain alpaca.  But what a cute marketing idea!

I bought these two sock yarns.  I looked at sock yarns all day but nothing spoke to me (actually EVERYTHING spoke to me but my pocketbook smiled and said NO).  These two spoke the most politely and they sparkle.  It's subtle but I think will make some gorgeous and fun socks.

The only other thing I bought was an egg separator and a mug for Pk.  I couldn't resist the egg separator.  Who wouldn't want that smiling face looking at them in the kitchen?  

Pk admired the mug so I bought it for him. 

Remember when I had all the trouble with my Namaste bag? (which I have fixed and use everyday because I love it).  They gave me store credit and I got this small bag.

It was just perfect for a day like yesterday.  It held my money and drivers' license and my epi pen (all the bees!) and various other necessities and went across my chest and wasn't heavy and left my arms free to touch sheep and pet wool. 

As for touching sheep, we squicked out my friend.  She couldn't believe that we were touching the animals and not running for the hand sanitizer immediately.  I said "they're just sheep, what's a bit of dirt?".  She said "but I saw poop!!" and that was that. 

It was a great day.  We wandered around the lots for the auction and saw a few great wheels and several huge floor looms and some things we couldn't identify.  Next year we're going to watch the auction and see how it works.  It's probably fun and who knows?  I could come home with a great wheel.......

The grocery shopping got done yesterday and the laundry.  We now have food and clean underwear.  Life is very good.


Kaye said…
Looks like you had fun! I had the city chess tournament I didn't go. Prolly won't go next year for the same reason.

Too funny that you bought that bag though! I DID meet up w/some friends on Sunday at a local yarn store (in Morristown) and they had those bags for sale--they are very cute. But I thought of you and your Namaste problems when I saw them!
DrK said…
thats funny about the dirty hands thing, its not like you were rubbing them in the poop! also, lanolin! but yeah, i guess if you're not around animals much you would freak out a bit. i was wondering how the show was, it looks like another big success and what a gorgeous day. i do like the sparkly sock yarn!
Rose Red said…
I love that egg separator! So cute! Sounds like you had a great day there - always so much nicer when the sun shines.
I don't paint my fingernails much for the chipping, it irks me too, but I do like to have my toes done in summer, it makes me happy!
Anonymous said…
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Galad said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Galad said…
Thanks for the great pictures and sharing your day. Looks like great fun (and I would have pet the sheep too)

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