Words of wisdom from a cereal box.  I eat breakfast at my desk most days.  And most days it's cereal with milk (and only very occasionally a banana).  Cheerios is probably my favorite cereal.

When my girls were small, Cheerios was their first finger food and the small round bits were everywhere in our world.  Under couch cushions, on the floor of the car, in the car seats and in the bottom of my purse. 

I love their bright yellow boxes with one positive word on the back. 

I had to enable the word verification feature and disallow annonymous comments.  For some reason for the past two weeks, I have been getting some weird spam comments and I find them irritating. 

Let me tell you about the deal of the century Pk and I got inadvertently on Friday.  I wanted to update my phone and as a Mother's Day present, we were going to the At&t store after work.  As I am handing over my old phone to transfer the data, the clerk tells me I can trade it in.  I figure if I am only going to get a few dollars, I'll pass but she tells me my old phone is worth 50% off. 

That's worth it and I turn to Pk and say "well, if mine is half off and you trade in your phone, we can both get new phones for what it was going to cost for one".  Before I get the entire thought out of my mouth, he has the case off his old phone and is handing it over.  "Ok".

His phone was worth 200.00 because it was a newer model than mine (which was worth only 100.00) so it was an even trade for a new phone.  We walked out of the store with two new iphone5 phones for just over 100.00 (plus the money we spent for a really good case for Pk's phone.  That thing is a tank).  We were thrilled.  I ordered a new tardis case for mine which will come this week.

But the BEST thing about the whole incident is that we got to keep our Light Sabre apps!!  I can't overestimate how happy this made us.  One of the best parts of this particular phone is that it can become a light sabre and make real light sabre sounds.  I know where Pk is in the grocery store because I can hear his light sabre.  Yes, I know having reliable communication equipment is the most important but having a light sabre in your pocket cannot be underestimated for entertainment value.

I had my diagnostic mammogram yesterday.  It's the same as a regular mammogram but different.  They use a different set of lenses and plates to take close ups of my breasts that have been squeezed to an inch in thickness.  It's nerve wracking because you have to wait for the doctor to read them before you get to leave.  It turns out I have some calcium deposits which look ok for now but they will keep an eye on them and I get to go back in 6 months instead of a year. 

I started work on my sweater and I have re-learned a valuable lesson.  Just because a pattern looks deceptively simple does not mean you should not pay attention to it.  I have had to rip out the flowered part of the bottom twice now because my count keeps coming up short.  It's a simple set of k2tog, ssk, yo and the occasional bobble.  I put it aside and picked up my sparkle sock.  You can't see the glittery bits (well, you can see them if you really look hard) in this light but you can see the pretty colors.  It's a soothing, mindless round after round of knit stitches.  The sweater and I will meet again over the weekend.

This coming weekend is Memorial Day weekend here in the US.  It means parades and sometimes fireworks and picnics and bbqs and all things red, white and blue.  And this year it seems to mean humid, thunderstorm-like weather so probably no picnics for us.  We often choose a favorite movie series and have a marathon.  We're leaning toward Star Wars but Harry Potter is running a close second unless we can get Kingdom Hospital from Netflix in time.  Pk and I took the Thurs and Fri before the weekend and the Tuesday after so we have a week off.  I can't wait. 

We have no real plans but if the weather is really nice, we'll go to the river and watch the boats and I'll spin and just enjoy the outdoors-after we take the allergy medicine of course!


Galad said…
So glad to hear your you passed your test without even studying :-) Monitoring is annoying but manageable.

Love the blue sock yarn! I have some Christmas colored yarn with sparkles I haven't used yet. When I cleaned out my yarn closet 2 weeks ago and cataloged everything, I fell in love with the yarn all over again. Some, I admit, I don't have a clue what I was thinking LOL

I've learned that I don't do well with sock clubs, particularly those that come with patterns. I did like the Color Coop one from a few years ago with 4-5 different dyers.

Have a wonderful Memorial weekend. I'm off kilter since we got home from Iowa last Tuesday and Guitar Guy took the day off Wednesday. Slowly getting back in to the routine.
Roxie said…
Hooray for a good mammogram!!! You have something to celebrate this weekend.

The gel manicure sounds like a great investment. Geeze, I might even give it a try some time. and the pedicure should still be fetching.
Olivia said…
I can see the glitter! I like it. Sometimes it is the apparently simple patterns you have to pay closer attention to, why is that? Do we get complacent?

I just love the idea of you two in the grocery store, using light sabre noises to locate each other.
Saren Johnson said…
Glad your mammogram went well.

Anonymous said…
i hope you are enjoying your super long weekend and get to relax and chill out and do whatever it is you want to do. ive been thinking of re-reading the harry potters all over again myself... but when i get through the current pile. im glad to hear you are well, and looking after yourself xx
Rose Red said…
Glad your mammogram went well, what a relief.

I had a giggle at the thought of you two with your light sabre apps! I hate to think what a new iPhone 5 would cost here, everything is so overpriced - the problem with living on an island with a small population (compared to the US and Europe)

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