A bit of bright color for a grey morning.  It looks like rain outside and I really hope it rains hard today.  The trees are so ready to burst forth with pollen that it's only a matter of hours before they let go.  Our car is covered in pale greenish yellow dust and I can just imagine what I'm breathing in.

I know how it's affecting the histamine levels in our bodies.  Peter Kevin almost never takes medication for anything but even he is giving in and taking allergy tablets.  A good rain shower would wash that pollen right down onto the ground.

This is the sparkly sock yarn (Summer Sky by Marigoldjen) that I bought at MDSW.  I am a bit further along and the yarn while not especially sqooshy, is fun to knit with visually.  I keep watching my hands to see how the colors pop up.  I'm making just plain stockinette socks and so far, I love them.  (the hot pink thing is my ipad cover.  It really is that pink, just not quite that bright).

And now for something completely different.....a Finished Object!  Pk's mock-Thorlo socks.  I know it's a bit difficult to see but the insteps of the socks were done in a one by one ribbing to pull them into the foot more and give them a closer fit.  It makes for funny looking socks but Pk wore them yesterday and he loves them.  I have a feeling they will become my go-to pattern for his socks.  The yarn is one from Artwalk sock yarn club.  It's merino/nylon.  Pk's socks can only be made with sock yarn containing nylon, he's hard on socks.  These were toe up with short row heels (because I haven't figured out how to do a flap heel toe up)

I started this last night.  The pattern is called Anthea and the yarn is knitpicks merino style dk weight in hollyberry.  I saw the pattern online yesterday while browsing the internet (as you do).  I had already purchased the yarn for another sweater that never came to fruition and I fell in deep love with the pattern (it is not striped- my printer needs to print out a warm up page because we don't use it enough and the ink cartridges get a bit wonky).

I don't often make impulse pattern purchases but the simplicity of the design appealed to me.  I will probably make it a bit longer because the cropped design is not figure friendly for me and I will definitely lengthen the 3/4 sleeves. 

The merino yarn is soft and squishy and easy to work with (the pattern is made in a cashmere blend-a bit pricey for me).  I thought this would make a cute cardigan to put on in the everpresent a/c in the summer.  I brought it in today to work on during the knitting group.  I want to show the people who are afraid of patterns that it doesn't have to be that difficult.

I'll be busy sewing once Em decides on a dress for the wedding.  We are going pattern shopping in 2 weeks.  She wants something simple so it will be doable.  I'm getting Pete a guyaberra shirt.  He wants a straw fedora to wear with it.  No suits and ties at this wedding. 

And for Roxie, a manicure update.  6 days later and not a chip, crack or dull surface.  Despite all the typing I do at work and all the things I do with my hands all day, my nails look just as nice as they did when I left the salon.  I am not a terribly vain woman but since I use my hands (and talk with them) all day in a public setting, I want to look neat and well groomed.  Keeping up a regular manicure takes time and patience and great quantities of acetone.  This took 30 minutes one afternoon and that was it.  It is so worth the extra 10 dollars it cost.  (and now Peter Kevin can't complain about the nail chemicals....)

Work is going along.  Nothing earth shattering or new.  Pk's office is undergoing a reorganization and he'll end up with a new manager, always an interesting thing.  I have a diagnostic mammogram on Monday to check an Area of Concern.  I'll have to leave work early so I can have the test done while a radiologist is on the premises (because it's diagnostic and not screening).  If she sees anything, I'll have an ultrasound done right away.  In my head, I know it'll be fine but there's a niggling part of my gut that is nervous since my mother lost a breast to cancer.  So, cross your fingers for me on Monday.

We have a chore filled weekend coming up.  Pk is helping our neighbor with some yard work and he wants to work on the siding.  I'm going to switch out the summer/winter clothes and I think I'll clean out my closet.  There are probably unidentifiable life forms growing in the corners since I can't remember the last time I actually cleaned the closet out.  If you don't hear from me next week, someome might want to send in some Marines (preferable young, buff ones).


Galad said…
The sweater looks really cute. Looking forward to see how it comes out.

I'm rushing to try to get outside and garage chores done before our weather gets any hotter.
Anonymous said…
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amy said…
Fingers will be crossed. Love all the knitting you have going on, and the wedding plans sound exciting! I also had a low-key wedding followed by a casual party in the back yard; kids were invited and could run around. I'm another one who isn't fond of being the center of attention!
Rose Red said…
Your sock looks so bright and happy!

I have my fingers crossed for your scan on Monday, hope you get the all clear.
Anonymous said…
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Saren Johnson said…
Good luck with the ultra sound. Usually it's the stress of waiting that is the hardest part.
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Roxie said…
I think you will love your sweater once you get the hang go the pattern. The spam comments are sure strange today.

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