Well, Mother's Day came and went and it was lovely.  When my family asked what I wanted, I said that I wanted to just do what I wanted and have someone else cook/clean up and do all the work.

And that's what happened.  Saturday, we put together a bag full of food for our mailman.  A few times a year, they put a brown bag into our mail box and we fill it with food for the food bank.  We try to fill it with as much nutritional non-perishables as possible.  After Ed (our mail carrier forever) picked up the bag around 11, I decided to head over to the nail salon for my self-promised manicure/pedicure.  (and was prepared to wait for them, being Saturday and all)

I was pleasantly surprised to find no one there.  I walked right in and planted my tired, worn out tootsies into a bubbling bath.  After scrubbing and cleaning, my toes are a color called Ruby Pumps.  Yep, sparkly and red.  Gorgeous with the pale, pale winter white of my feet.  (who am I kidding?  My feet will be that color all summer long.  My people, they are pale.)

I talked to them about the fact that while I love getting a manicure, I hatehatehate the fact that it chips in less than two days.  I was convinced to get a gel polish manicure (some women at work raved at how long they last without chipping) and look!  Two days later and my nails are chip free.  I haven't had a french manicure in years (the chipping factor turned me right off).  And, for the record, it is extremely hard to take a photo of your own hand. This is supposed to last for 2 weeks or so.  I type a lot at work so we'll see.  In two weeks, Kate wants a pedicure for her trip (she and Patrick are headed to Jamaica and she says she wants pretty toes) and I'm going back with her so maybe this will last until then.

I made dinner and finished the laundry.

Sunday, I got up at 8 to find Pk already gone to the bakery.  He said it was crowded but he managed to snag our favorite donuts.  He then made omlettes for breakfast and I spend the morning sitting in the sun reading the paper and photosynthesizing.  It was too windy/chilly to sit outside but the sunshine through my clean windows was nice.  So nice that I took a nap for an hour.

Kate came over in the afternoon and we spent the time weaving/knitting and talking.  El made angel food cake and strawberries and cream for desert.  Pk and Em and Kate made roast chicken with mashed potatoes and green beans.  It was delicious.  I sat on the couch and let them do it all. 

Kate sent me a lilac bush/tree (I'm not sure which it will be yet).  I love lilacs.  When my grandparents died, I wanted to dig up their enormous bushes and transplant them but one of the neighbors got there before me and took them.  This is a dwarf korean lilac tree.  I have no idea how bit it will get.  I was hoping for some blooms this season but I think the trauma of delivery might have killed off the buds.  They're crispy.

All in all, I got exactly what I wanted.  Time and space to just be. 

I know that Mother's Day is a hard day for a lot of people, for a lot of reasons.  I know that I am lucky that my family is good to me and loves me every day.  I am grateful that they "get" me and know that I don't want a flashy-get-dressed-and-be-the-center-of-attention kind of day.  I am not that person.  I like quiet and shared time and conversation.  (although I am looking forward to Friday when Pk and I are upgrading my iphone!)  I don't need a day for this.  I am the empress of my own little universe and I know it.

We talked of wedding plans for a bit and it sounds like things are firming up.  Em is also not a center of attention kind of person (and neither is Jim) so this will be low key and friendly.  We're going pattern shopping for her dress right after Memorial Day.  She wants to do it in person.  I will be doing a lot of sewing this summer since I'll be making Elanor and I dresses to wear as well.  We're thinking of t-shirt style dresses, just plain short sleeved, scoop necked a line dresses.  Mid calf length.  In some beautiful, drapey fabric.  Something we can throw a shawl on over when it cools off in the evening.  Comfy sandals and casual hair.  It's a beach wedding so no formal wear need apply.

And now I am back at my desk, waiting for my morning doctor to come in.  We have no one coming in until 10:30 so there's no rush today.  That is a luxury for a Monday morning. 


Roxie said…
The wedding dress and plans sound lovely. And the Mother's Day sounds divine! PK is a treasure.

Keep us updated on that manicure. It looks SO ladylike!
Amy Lane said…
You read my mind. Room to be, and to be happy-- it's all a mother could ask. And I love the wedding plans. Mine was just like that:-)
Rose Red said…
The wedding plans sound great.

I love your manicure! I gave myself a manicure on Mother's Day and was amazed it lasted for about 4 days without chipping! I am going to give it another try!

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