The next time you see this (enormous) sweater, Pk will be wearing it.  I have 2/3 of a sleeve to finish and then I have to weave in the ends.  I will say that while sleeves that are picked up and knit in the round are nice, having to turn that bulk of wool over and over is a pain.The sleeves look short but that's because the shoulder is a slouchy one and comes halfway down the upper arm.

Pk saw that it's almost done and asked if it would be done to wear to work tomorrow since it's so cold.  I said that while it might be done, it should be washed and blocked first. (I really want to block it and even it out)

His face fell to the floor. I guess wearing an unblocked sweater won't kill him and he's excited about it so I'll leave it up to him.  It makes me feel good that he's excited about it.

It is cold here.  The air is crisp and when you look outside everything is so clear.  I haven't left the house since Friday and have no plans to do so today.  I sat in front of the window and spun for a while yesterday enjoying the light.  I wanted to learn to navajo ply and I watched a video and tried it.  I think I finally got the hang of it but it took an entire bobbin of slippery merino/tencel to get it.  It's a bit lumpy in parts but the parts where I got it right look good.  I'm going to try it again but not until the Giant Grey Sweater(tm) is finished.

We have been so slack about going to the gym.  We plan to start back into a routine again tomorrow.  I know once we go for a while, it just becomes Normal Routine (or what passes for normal around here) but getting to that part is hard.  Mon, Wed, Fri are our planned days.  Tues and Thurs will be harder since Pk is in class those days and has to work longer to make up for it.

I have almost finished last season's Dr. Who and I figured out why Matt Smith doesn't do it for me.  First of all, he looks all of 12 and I have a hard time taking him seriously.  Secondly, Mr. Tennant brought such compassion to the character.  I don't feel that now.  I miss that quality of really caring about what's going on with the people around him.  I don't get that vibe anymore.  It's still enjoyable, just less so and in a different way.

When we replaced our microwave last year, we got one that looks like this.  It had "inverter technology".  Now, I have no idea what that really means other than it's something to do with microwaves (duh).  There's an actual button marked Inverter Defrost. 

It's the best button ever.  You push it and put in the weight of your frozed meat/bread/caserole  and hit start and it figures out how long and at what temp to defrost your meat/bread/casserole.  It's wonderful.  I took some steak out of the freezer for breakfast (Pk is jonesing for steak and eggs as a last meal before the gym tomorrow) and put them in the fridge.  They won't be defrosted this morning so I'll use Inverter Defrost. It's made forgetting to take something out for dinner a little less of a problem. 

Gotta love the technology. 


amy said…
I've never blocked a sweater knit in one piece like that. I just put them on and wear them (and then sometimes get surprises when I do wash them, like a sink full of dye washing out!). Blocking is more necessary for when you have to sew up, so I think you can get away with it so PK can be warm tomorrow. :-) It was 6 degrees at 8 am according to my son's weather station thingy, but since the outside reader is under the deck, it was probably more like 4. It's supposed to be colder tomorrow morning while we wait for the bus.
Kaye said…
Well it *will* be cold tomorrow. Hee hee! You'll have to reblock it after he wears it the first time (say if you were able to block it) anyway right? ;-)
Rose Red said…
I hear you on the knitting sleeves in the round/heavy knitting to turn all the time thing - I'm doing it at the moment too (although my jumper is not nearly as big as yours to have to turn!)

I think it is going to be a very well loved and well-worn jumper, that one!
Roxie said…
Next time, try leaving the sweater lying in your lap and just turning the sleeve. pass it from hand to hand and twist it back to neutral. Straighten out the yarn, and knit another round or two. Repeat. Beats flopping that blanket of a body around and around and around.

Let him wear it Monday! To heck with blocking.

You better snuggle down in your cowl and your heavy sockies, too.
Anonymous said…
yeah, doing sleeves like that is a pain. i put mine in a large project bag with the sleeve poking out, then i can just turn the bag. a bit easier, but still a pain. please can i have some cold (faints with heat exhaustion).
Olivia said…
I agree that the Matt Smith Doctor is less compassionate - he is much more of a loose cannon, a bit unpredictable. Even though he's less likeable, something about this rings true for me, perhaps because it's consistent with the Dr being a non-human and vastly superior - so in some incarnations he is going to seem weird and callous to us. I still find Smith very watchable but I agree, no Tennant!
Amy Lane said…
Oooh... purty sweater (or handsome sweater, since it's for a man) and the microwave? I'm SO jealous!
KnitTech said…
I meanted to Grilltech the next sweater to be knit is his - mine is currently being worked on - and his face lit up. So I completely understand where PK is coming from.

It seems the new Doctor is a bit of a child, while Amy is very much to-gether.
Galad said…
Very nice sweater that will be well loved!

We started watching Dr. Who in the 80's so the modern ones just don't seem cheesy enough to me :-) Every time they changed actors I had trouble adjusting to the new one. Tom Baker will always be Dr. Who for me.
Bells said…
oh god, knitting sleeves in the round on something as light as my featherweight was bad enough - but with a man sized sweater? Oh my. I hope it's over soon!

I agree with you about Matt Smith. I do like him and I think he brings a lot but the compassion you mentioned is so obvious now that you mention it.

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