Thank you for the nice comments on the Giant Grey Sweater(tm).  Olivia found the perfect word, "satisfying".  As I was finishing it up, I was having second(third, fourth) thoughts about Pk's choice of materials.  I was worried about the warmth factor, the pilling factor, the fuzz/halo factor and the overall ability of the sweater to stand up to any kind of wearing.  He chose the material, he chose the style and when I found the pattern, he approved that as well.  It's really HIS sweater, I was just the maker.  And because he made all the choices and for once a project came out exactly as envisioned, Peter Kevin is happy. 

And now he's making noise about Sweater 2011.  I told him not to hold his breath although I saw one on a man on a television show that I like......
(if you're interested, it's the sweater John Watson is wearing on Sherlock.  It's got some cables but it's not fussy and he looks good in it) 

Did you ever see Sherlock?  I am definitely not a Sherlock Holmes fan.  The character always seemed so entitled and obnoxious and I just get annoyed with him.  This reimagining is modern day and he's young (and arrogant and entitled) so maybe the humanizing influence of Watson (who is an Afghan war vet) will make a difference.   We watched the first two episodes this past week and are waiting for the dvd for the last ones.  It's intelligently written and enjoyable.

I think we're at the boring stage of Winter right now.  All anyone talks about is the WEATHER.  I had a good laugh yesterday when I came out of my building and it was snowing.  Not anything that was going to accumulate but just the fact that it was snowing again made me laugh.  And the first thing I do when I turn on the computer is check with the NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Admin)  website and see when/if the next snowstorm is coming (Tues/Wed if you're interested).  I like snow and have no real complaints because I know, come August I'll be wishing for cold.  It does make it difficult to get around sometimes and local towns did not plan for this much frozen precipitation and are running out of money.  And traditionally, our biggest snowstorms fall in February.  As long as I can stay home when I need to, I'm ok with this. And thinking about the fact that it's supposed to snow this afternoon makes me smile now.  It must appeal to the small child that often inhabits my soul.

Handle with Care training went well. This was our Trainer class. It was smaller than last year and it had mostly people who had done this before so there was a feeling of camaraderie.  I never hate the class (but I don't look forward to it).  It's one of those things that you dread and then when it happens, it's never as bad as you imagine.  I didn't do any full body take downs because it puts a good bit of pressure on your knees and I'm having a flare up of bursitis in my left knee.  I can do it if I have to but it would hurt. I have small bruises on parts of my body from where I was restrained.  Good times.  Since the class is mostly men, they all worry they're hurting me.  I tell them, "if you really hurt me, you'll KNOW".  I bruise easily and when we teach the class, I let the biggest guy grab me so I can show that the releases really work.  It means that he grabs my arms hard and I can get free but it leaves bruises. 

This is a grocery shopping weekend.  The sun is out for now (I say for now because it's supposed to snow this afternoon, no real accumulation, just gently falling snow.)  I've got to do some house cleaning and then I want to wind up some yarn.  I don't really want to. I don't like winding yarn cakes.  Inevitably, the yarn gets tangled around the winder and I have to back it off and it's a pain.  I wish yarn came in cakes already.  It might be me or it might be my winder, I only know it's not a zen like experience.  I've gotten some lovely yarns as gifts lately and I'd like to have them ready when the mood strikes so winding them is on the chore list for today.

It's my turn to vaccuum and dust the living room and dining room.  (and I have laundry and my bedroom to clean).  Pk will clean the kitchen and Elanor will clean the bathroom.  We switch on and off so no one has to clean the whole house.  It works fairly well.  And since it's just the three of us and we have all been trained not to leave our things lying around the house, it doesn't take too long to straighten up.

But first, a trip to the grocery store.  We only shop twice a month so it's a major endeavor.  If we do all of the chores today, tomorrow we can have a day off.  That'll be nice.

Enjoy your weekend.  And watch out for those snowflakes....they're everywhere!


amy said…
I told my husband about PK taking the roving to work, and he mumbled, "You won't knit ME a sweater." And he's absolutely right, because what he wants is one that looks machine knit (so about 9 stitches per inch), in black or dark grey, and he's tall, with long arms, and knitting that would make me go blind. But probably not before I stabbed him with the itty bitty needles. Sometimes, maintaining a good marriage means NOT knitting the sweater. ;)
Kaye said…
Hee hee, we're on the same shopping cycle. I don't really enjoy it in the snow b/c I have to park all wonky, unload the groceries, then drive two blocks to my snow lot and then walk back....while the boys get into the groceries! Ha ha! One bright side to all of this, I've noticed the French Toast Alarmists are no longer going to the grocery store b/c we're having one storm a week!
Roxie said…
Glad you have not succumbed to snowflake poisoning! Keep your cheery up, dear. You're good at it!
Galad said…
Have a wonderful weekend and stay warm and cozy.
Bells said…
we're at the boring stage of summer where all anyone talks about is the heat but MY GOD it was hot today!
KnitTech said…
Will you have to do the whole thing for the 2011 sweater? Or can you pick out yarn?
DrK said…
yeah, what bells said. its so hot all i can do is whinge about how hot it is and how my building at work doesnt have aircon and how i want to go home and die in front of the tv. and watch more of that sherlock, whcih i LOVED. its almost too hot to knit even. egads!

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