I knew this day would come.  I knew it when I bought three pounds of soft alpaca roving that became this yarn. 
Today, the Giant Grey Sweater(tm) is finished.  And it made its debut as Pk wore it to work.  He loves it and it looks gorgeous on him.  It's exactly the way he wanted it to look.  It has a wide collar and it fits loosely and doesn't need to stretch to fit over his body.  The sleeves are long enough to cover his shirt sleeves. 
We had a quick photo shoot this morning before work.  This is all the yarn left over.  It's a little over half a pound so the sweater used 2 and a half pounds of yarn.  It's a heavy sweater but Pk said it's not too warm.  The stitch pattern (row k1p1; row2 k;row3 p1k1;row4 k) leaves a small gap so there is air flow.  It's probably what keeps it from being too hot to wear.  He spent the day with a small bag of roving in his pocket telling folks that "my wife took this (bag) and made it into this (sweater)."  Most people indicated that they had no desire to follow in my footsteps but were amazed at what I could do.  Pk was very proud.

We had to leave a bit early this morning because of this. Why, yes, that is snow.  It was snowing hard this morning and continued to snow most of the morning until about noon.  Then it misted/rained.  It's raining right now which will make the 8-10 inches of snow we're expecting tonight just peachy tomorrow.

I have requested the day off and once again will get up and decide if I want to brave the elements and go to work or use a vacation day and stay home. While I'd like a day to knit/spin/just putz around,  I'd rather go into work and not waste a vacation day on a nasty day but we'll see what things look like in the morning.

(90 minutes later)

We just came back from dinner at the diner and the sleet is falling and collecting on the ground as slush. This is the Winter Storm Warning from NOAA:


We're up to 9-12 inches. 

Oh goody. I have a feeling we're home tomorow.  I just hope the college has the good sense to close so Pk doesn't have to go out.  And wherever you are, I hope you're inside and safe and dry and warm (but not too warm).


amy said…
I LOVE THAT HE TOOK THE ROVING TO WORK!! That is just all sorts of awesome: "My wife took this and turned it into this." Love it.

Do NOT love the snow. I feel the same way: while I'd love to have my boys home tomorrow (and it's looking likely), I'm keeping a scratch tally of the snow days they'll have to make up on the school calendar, and it's going to be rough come June.
Galad said…
Yes, stay safe and warm! That weather sounds positively ugly.

The sweater is awesome and so are you for making it :-)
Rose Red said…
So fabulous! Like Amy, I love that PK took the roving to work as well as wearing the jumper - so visibly proud of your talent!

Hope you get your snow day without having to eat into your holiday leave.
KnitTech said…
Nice job on the sweater!!

I won't tell you about how there are trees here trying to bud. It's not even February yet.
Roxie said…
PK is a lucky, lucky man and he knows it. Isn't it wonderful when your beloved brags on your skills?

You guys really have had some ugly weather. I'd invite you to come visit, but the airports are all closed on your end of the continent. You are so much braver than I. I'd be whining and crying in epic fashion!
Alwen said…
Now that is a gorgeous sweater. Alpaca is WARM. I keep buying it, but I don't think I'll be wearing it until the hot flashes go away!
Louiz said…
That's a gorgeous sweater:) I'm not surprised he's proud of your work.

Hope the snow isn't too bad, we're all snug and warm here, warm vibes on their way to you.
Kaye said…
Love it!!!! He looks great in it! Heirloom!!!

We got 16.5 inches last night. Couldn't get the car out. Walked 2 miles in it and grabbed the train. They will NOT take my vacation away from me!
drkknits said…
that PK, he looks gorgeous in it, and what a nice thing to say. i hope you got a snow day too, and i wont bore you yet again with horror tales of how bloody hot it is here right now...
Olivia said…
How totally SATISFYING. You did it just as you intended and it came out beautifully! congratulations.
Bells said…
oh how wonderful! It looks so good on PK. What a lovely shape it is and look so warm and comfy. I LOVE it!

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