There are another one of these photos in our forecast for tomorrow into Wednesday. 

I like snow.  It's so pretty and for most of my adult life, rare enough to get any accumulation that it's novel and a change from the same old same old of winter cold.

Then came last year with our record breaking snowfalls (which was really cool by the way) and this year we've had two snowstorms with enough snow to cover the grass.  That's the measurement I use for "enough snow", if it covers the grass so no bits of grass are sticking up through the snow, it's enough.

And now tomorrow's forecast is pretty firm on the fact that we are getting snow but they won't commit themselves to any numbers.  Numbers are very important during the workweek.  I want it to either snow so much so that there is justification for calling out of work on Wednesday  morning or be a dusting so we can make it in with minimum fuss.  I have this feeling that it's going to be one of those judgement call kind of things.  The kind where I stand in front of the window in the morning agonizing about whether I "should" go into work.  It used to be easier before we had swipey machines to swipe into work.  The machine keeps track of all of my time and if my supervisor has to override it, he has to explain why. 

I'll just talk to him today and explain that because of the fact that I take the train over the bridge, I may have to call out on Wednesday.  Fortunately for me, he's a good guy and won't give me a hard time.

All of this over a bit of frozen precipitation.

I finished one sleeve last night and then promptly ripped it out.  I changed to dpns in the middle and you could see the difference and I didn't like it so out it came.  I'm mostly finished reknitting it and then will cast it off and start the second one.  I make Pk try the sweater on over and over to make sure the sleeves are the right length or the shoulders fit well.  He never wants to take it off so this is risky.  This is what I started with and I'm down to just one of those cakes with some small bits and bobs left.

It took most of Saturday to take down the decorations but now they're packed away in their plastic boxes until next December.  There are empty surfaces in my house again and I love it.  In a few more days the enormous tree will come down and then there will be light again, too.  I'm all for that.

I have a full day of clinics today but I spent a few hours on Friday getting ready so it should flow smoothly.  The sidewalks around here are mostly clear of snow and ice (Philadelphia has an ordinance about clearing your walks 24 hours after a storm) so most people should be able to get in.  I have one woman who is in a motorized wheel chair who might have a problem but I'll deal with that if it happens.

So, let's get out there and have a good Monday. 


KnitTech said…
Sending you low amounts of snow thoughts.
Roxie said…
Blessings on your Monday, and on Wednesday, I hope it snows six inches. No, that would be wrong. People would suffer. Those idiot Californian transplants will still think that four wheel drive means they can drive just as fast as normal, never mind trying to stop on ice. But I do wish you could have another free pajama day.
Galad said…
Hoping the snow is pretty without being a problem.

Have a most excellent week :-)
Bells said…
weather extremes everywhere! It's flooding here - and there are fires. Weird world.

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