Today: Snow. High near 29. Calm wind becoming northwest between 7 and 10 mph. Chance of precipitation is 90%. Total daytime snow accumulation of 2 to 4 inches possible

I'm not sure how this snuck up on us.  We're a watchful people when it comes to snow.  We knew it was supposed to snow yesterday and it did.  An inch or two and it was sunny by the afternoon.

Pk and his brother in law Brian are on their way to Baltimore for the wood show.  Brian called last night and said we were due for some more snow today and did Peter Kevin still want to go?  Of course the answer was yes but I didn't know it was going to snow more.  I looked at the NOAA site and sure enough, snow up and down the east coast.  It's coming down heavy right now.  I leaned out my bedroom window to take the photo.  I will worry until he texts me and lets me know they got there safely.  It's only about 100 miles but people drive like crazies in the snow.

And if you can ignore the messy bedroom, here's a photo of Pk in the nearly finished sweater.  You can see where I started the right sleeve.  I ripped that one out last night and picked it up again.  I picked up too many stitches the first time and it was puckery.  He didn't mind but I wasn't satisfied.  It's much better now and I have about 9 inches of sleeve left and then the other side. 

Pk is over the moon with this.  He loves the rolled collar and the overall bumpy texture of the handspun.  I can't describe how soft this is. I've moved the sleeves onto dpns and it's a bit of a pain to keep turning the large sweater as I knit them but it's nice to see the end. 

I have a quiet weekend in store filled with inside chores.  Cleaning and laundry and putting away of the decorations.  The kind of things that are routine but make you feel good when they're done. 

And I have a feeling I'll have to shovel some snow.


Roxie said…
That's a Currier and Ives shot you got there! Soooo pretty!

And what a treasure of a sweater. Hang on to any left-over yarn. He will wear it to death and it will need mending, darning, patching, and repairs.

I am thinking about the joy of putting so much time and effort into something for someone you love. He loves that you worked so long and hard on it, and he loves the sweater itself, and you loved making it, plus you love that he loves it. It's like an audio feedback loop. It gets better every time it goes around.
Kaye said…
Ha ha! The crazies are out there snow or not!

Wow, that's an amazing sweater. PK is not a small guy. That's some dedication you have! I can't even bring myself to make Dr. MS socks and he has smaller man feet!
Galad said…
Hope PK arrived home safely.

The sweater looks great though I can imagine it is kind of a pain turning it for the sleeves. He'll think of you wherever he wears it :-)

Enjoy your weekend!
Olivia said…
wow, the sweater (sorry, I really want to call it a jumper but that won't sound right to you!) is going to look amazing. Very impressive, what with the spinning too!
Anonymous said…
your snow pictures are wonderful, they give me goosebumps i want to be in the cold so much. its so hot here right now, and its raining too so its like living in a greenhouse. aagh. PK looks just great in his handspun sweater, what a great job youve done. hes quite the looker isnt he ;-)
Amy Lane said…
Wow... what a perfect man's sweater--but I'm like you. I'd worry in the snow too!
Bells said…
i can totally see why PK is so thrilled. It's going to be wonderful on him. I bet he's urging you to finish soon!

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