Peter Kevin and I went to the gym on Tuesday.  I managed to do a mile in 15 minutes on the eliptical machine and was pleased with that.  I then did some leg and arm and torso exercises on the torture machines (also know as circuit weight machines to the less knowledgeable).  I felt a little sore yesterday but overall pretty good.  I was patting myself on the back.

And then I got up today and everything hurts.  It hurts to just sit still.  A few advil and some gentle movement today should get me ready for the gym again this afternoon.  All this to "feel better".  I think I shall spend some quality time with the hot tub this afternoon. 

metallic gold and copper beads

Kate and I are taking part in another kal.  Same designer, different shape shawl.  It's called In Dreams and you can find it on Susan's website, A Few Stitches Short.  It's a mystery kal and the design is another LOTR based pattern.  I ordered an alpaca/silk blend from Webs. (photo is from their website).  I love the color and I've found some copper/gold beads to use with it.  It's a step out of my usual comfort zone and I think I'll enjoy it.  I love the yarn.  It's soft and slightly fuzzy and slightly shiny.

Kate chose copper colored yarn that is in the same family but a lighter shade.  I just have to finish Pk's sweater first. 

And speaking of his sweater, I have sewn up the shoulders and knit most of the collar.  It finally looks like it just might be a sweater after all.  I had him try it on last night and he loves it.  I was afraid it was too big but his request when asking for the sweater was that it hang and be loose and he's a big guy so it had to be a big sweater.  It fits perfectly.  I have a few more rows on the collar and then the sleeves.  It's been a year and some months since I bought the roving to make this sweater.  A true labor of love.

Kate and Patrick took us to dinner last night.  It was really nice.  Nicest part?  That I raised a daughter who is able to be grateful for things and wants to be generous in her turn.  And that she found a mate who is just like her. 

And we have another French Toast Alert tonight into tomorrow.  The weather service is saying a few inches of snow but I overheard several people yesterday talking about getting "wallopped" with snow.  The hysteria begins slowly and will build to a fevered pitch by the end of the day before the first flake has even thought about falling. 

And yes, I bought my milk last night so I can stay away from the stores this weekend.  Thank goodness it's not a grocery shopping weekend for us!  Pk is planning to go to a wood show (just like a wool show but with wood) on Saturday with his brother in law.  I hope the weather is good.  They're both looking forward to it.  Snow would put a crimp in their plans.

Me?  I'm planning to put away the holiday decorations.  Pk asked if we could leave the tree up for another week.  We probably will.  It's so pretty but it's taking up so much room!  I can't wait to get my space back.  But for him?  I can wait another week.


amy said…
Are you going to be a moderator for this one? ;)

I'm just glad the maybe-snow will maybe-come later on Friday. After last year, when the kids were in school nearly until July (mostly due to floods, not snow) I want to avoid snow days as much as possible.
KnitTech said…
Love the beads.

Good luck with the snow. We're starting to get an inversion. Blah.
Roxie said…
Oooooh, that's going to be a gorgeous shawl! Yarn and beads are a perfect combo. Hooray for you!

Hope the boys have fun at the wood show. Stay home and spoil yourself!
Louiz said…
What beautiful colours:)

Fingers crossed the snow does what you want to! We got hammered with snow (yes, here in London! where we never *actually* get hammered with snow) just before Christmas and a lot of people hoped it would come down just a few days later, so that the Christmas holidays could start just a tiny bit earlier.
Rose Red said…
Oh the beads and yarn are a perfect match! Look forward to seeing how this one develops.

And yay that PK's jumper is almost finished. And that it fits! Fabulous!
Anonymous said…
oh, arent you a good wife! sweater knitting and leaving the tree up! i love the colour youve chosen, i think thats a very good colour for you! i cant wait to see how it turns out.
Amy Lane said…
I hate that 'after workout' feeling. At first you're like, "I rock! I'm a goddess!" and the next day you're, "I suck! I'm a banana slug!"

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