In keeping with the changing photos of trees, here's a photo of my neighbor's tree (the one that looks so beautiful in the fall).  It's from the snowstorm we had over the weekend.  The tree is so beautifully shaped and gives such lovely shade.  I'm envious of it.  We have some pine trees in our yard but they are dying and we soon won't have the shade we've enjoyed for so many years.

I'm home today due to snow.  I could be at work.  It only snowed 8 inches and we could have shovelled our way out without too much trouble this morning but chose not to.

Pk got up when the alarm went off and said, "well, you could go to work but I wouldn't".  So, I didn't.  He admitted later that he just wanted me to stay home while he worked from home.  Since I had made arrangements with my supervisor, it wasn't a problem.  I didn't have anything pressing at work today since the schools are closed and that means our day program is closed so no clients/groups.  I have paperwork (there's always paperwork) but that can wait until tomorrow.

So, now I'm sitting here on the bed, enjoying the sight of the blue sky behind the snow covered trees.  It looks frigid so I'll keep admiring it behind the comfort of the windows.  I'm going down to put some jambalaya in the crockpot and some herb bread in the bread machine and maybe an apple pie in the oven.  What is it about being home in the middle of the week that makes me want to cook?

Elanor wanted to go to the mall to get a haircut on Monday night so she invited me to dinner and then she went off to get snipped and I sat in the food court with my sock and mp3 player and people watched. The people watching was slim pickings since this mall isn't very busy.  It was built in the early 70's and I remember it being crowded when I was a kid.  Slowly, over the years, it's lost people to other local malls.  Now, it's a Towne Centre and they have built apartments and such surrounding it to make it feel like a "downtown" area.  It's all very nice and upscale but somehow Disneyesque and sterile.  There's none of the "grit" and reality of a real downtown.

  These socks have been moving along very slowly since most of my time has been spent on the sweater.  I love the colors and the thinness of the yarn.  It feels like string.  It's a superwash merino but there's no fuzziness, no squishiness.  It's knitting up into a lovely fabric though.  I think these socks will last longer than some of the soft squishy ones. 

This is the view of my backyard that I am currently enjoying.  Beautiful, huh?  It just needs someone to go out and build a snowman.  Kate and Patrick bring Kobold over and let him run loose in the yard since there's a fence.  To watch him run is to see pure joy in motion.  Kate has a cold but Pk offered to stand outside and play with the "grandpuppy".  He gets such a kick out of throwing snowballs and watching the dog chase them. 

Time to go put the startings of dinner on.  Enjoy your day wherever you are.  I have a book of zombie stories that my brother game me to read that I just might endulge in for a while this afternoon.  Snow days and zombies.  What a wonderful combination.


Galad said…
Snow days, zombies, knitting and warm, comfortable food adds up to a nice mid-week day off.

The snow is beautiful to look at but glad you don't have to go out in it!
Roxie said…
Oh, GOOD for you! I am getting such Intense vicarious pleasure from your snow day! Thank you, and bravo.
Anonymous said…
oh gosh that looks divine. loooove the idea of throwing snow balls for the dog too! and apple pie. mmmm.
Rose Red said…
Yay for snow days and knitting and baking. Now I want apple pie too! (lucky I have some in the freezer - bought, but better than nothing!)
KnitTech said…
Don't have to worry about zombies attacking during the winter!
Amy Lane said…
Something about that tight merino sock yarn... it really does stir the senses, especially with color! And I love the idea of 'grand puppies':-)

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