the view outside my kitchen window
It's Sunday morning and it's still fairly quiet around here.  El is still asleep (but that's normal, she stays up quite late playing games with her online friends), Emily is here (because she came down for my cousin's 50th birthday dinner and is spending some time with her friends today and I worried about her driving back and forth and back and forth so I suggested she just stay here) and she hasn't stirred yet.  Pk just left to go to the bakery for our favorite donuts.

In a few minutes, I'm going to go downstairs and fix breakfast.  We're having sausage gravy and biscuits, a favorite of everyone in the family.  And for the first time in a while,all 5 of us are going to sit around the breakfast table and enjoy a meal. 

Nothing much has been going on but it feels like we've been busy.  Friday night we registered Pk for a computer programming course at the local community college.  His boss was keen on him taking this and they'll pay for it as soon as he submits the receipts.  It's Tues and Thurs mornings so he'll be working from home those days. 

on our way to the college

We made a trip to a local bead shop to buy some beads for my shawl kal.  I found some pretty beads that coordinate with the color of my yarn but will give it some glimmer.  I bought all they had of this color (2650 beads) only to find out I need 5000 for the project.  I'm not sure if I want a beaded anything with 5000 beads.  The swatch was released yesterday showing a part of the pattern with beads and I think I'll make mine with fewer beads.  It's kind of up in the air at this point.  I'll see how some of the swatches look and decide later. 

 We did the grocery shopping and took down the Christmas tree (finally) and then went to a local Pizza Hut for my cousin's birthday party.  I don't have a lot of family that I'm close to.  There's my brother and his family, my one remaining aunt (who's now moved in with her son and we'll probably not see much of), and my cousin.  I have other cousins but we've lost touch over the years.  I don't see my sister and her family at all by mutual choice. (Pk has 5 sisters and a brother but we see them sporadically). 

When my cousin's boyfriend said he wanted to surprise her for her 50th birthday and have a small party, we said of course we'd come.  El, Em and Pk and I went to the place and ate pizza and talked to her friends.  There was cake and candles and presents and it was nice. 

January's artwalk sock yarn
 There has been some new yarn in my life this week.  This little beauty showed up in my mailbox on Wednesday.  It much darker than the photo shows but my camera insists it's lighter.  I actually took the photo in a variety of light settings to try to get a close approximate of the color but this is the best.  It's a dark brown and dark burgundy color.  The January club yarn from artwalk.  It's really pretty, like dark chocolate covered cherries.  (which have to be my all time favorite candy aside from nonpariels).

Today is supposed to be a pajama day.  Unfortunately, the laundry is piled high and needs to be done.  I got the spinning wheel back in front of the window downstairs, so between loads of laundry, I can spin and watch my neighborhood go about its day.  An altogether satisfactory plan.

Any qood plans on your end?  I hope Sunday is good to you.


amy said…
Playoff football, of course! I'm planning to roast a chicken too. The Pats game is on right through dinner/bedtime, which is my least favorite time slot. It's impossible to sit and watch it when you have kids who need feeding and bathing and bedtime stories. Otherwise, I'm clean but back in jammie pants, and I'm casting about (ha!) trying to decide what to knit next.

5000 beads. That's a recipe for insanity right there.
Rose Red said…
I love the icicle photo! Beautiful. And the yarn is just lovely, I had a similr coloured yarn abd it made beautiful socks.

My Sunday has been and gone, but had a lovely afternoon knitting at a yarn store/cafe with friends.
Roxie said…
It's mild and rainy here. DH and I got up 9 and went grocery shopping, then hit our favorite cafe for brunch. When we got home, he made split pea soup for dinner, and I got a batch of cinnamon rolls started. My maiden batch. I've never made a cinnamon roll before. Wish me luck.

Your icicles are wayyy cool!
Anonymous said…
gorgeous coloured yarn. and the icicles! oh! i wish we had some of them. i spent sunday running around with my dog at training, in the scorching heat, then eating salad and ice cream for dinner!
KnitTech said…
Lovely icicles. We keep seeing frozen water sculptures, but forget to bring the camera to get pictures.
Amy Lane said…
I keep thinking about a beaded shawl... I need to wait just a few years before I'm no longer a piece of furniture for the short people...

And other than that? How lovely--I hope I have my whole family at home too, after they start moving out...
bells said…
i had a PJ day yesterday and it was wonderful.

Imagine looking out the window at such beautiful icicles. Stnning!

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