Well, I've let a whole week (and then some) go by.  You'd think I'd learn and not try to post at work but those early mornings are just so perfect.  I'm alone in my office and it's quiet and conducive to contemplation.

I wrote and saved and tried to publish a post this past week but it never even made it to "saved".  I won't do it again.  I think.  Probably.  (probably I'll forget that it won't allow me to save the post and I'll write brilliant and sparkling and witty prose and lose it all into the wilds of the internet).

And here it is the last day of June and I haven't the foggiest idea what I wrote earlier so I'll just start with a photo from Father's Day since it's cute.

To be fair, it's not a particularly good photo.  It was a blazingly bright morning and the diner had all the blinds up and the sun was just beaming through all the glass.

The cute part is the little girl at the next table.  In the photo from left to right around the table is Elanor, Jim, Emily, Peter Kevin and Kate.  If you look closely, in between Em and Jim is a little girl who was having breakfast with her family at the next table.  As soon as she saw me get out the camera, she leaned over to get into the shot.  I didn't notice how clearly she got into the group until I looked later.  What a cutie.  She looks like she could be a member of our family.

The weather has been really hot for the beginning of summer.  Everyone is wilting.  I am so grateful for the a/c in the bedrooms so we can sleep at night. Peter Kevin and I got up early, showered, put a load of clothes in the washer (and clean sheets on the bed), went to the gym, hit McDonald's for smoothies (which were surprisingly good) and then went grocery shopping and put away the food.  He watched soccer and killed things (video games) and I sat in front of a fan and spun (and finished the laundry).

We had some steaks and fresh corn for dinner along with some chard and now are relaxing.  We only just started going back to the gym (for reals this time) and my muscles are a bit , shall we say stiff?  I only feel it when I get up and move.  It didn't hurt to spin (probably because you get to sit mostly still).

 The Tour de Fleece started today and I managed to spin almost 1 oz of my fiber.  This is bfl/nylon and there is no purple in it.  That color is brown.  It's really the color of fall leaves. 

This is the start.  I now have half a bobbin full.  It spins easily and is going well.  It's mesmerizing to sit and watch the bobbin fill up as the fiber moves through your fingers.  It made me sleepy today because it was so warm. 

All in all it was a productive day.

Tomorrow I'm going to have some breakfast and then get a pedicure.  They do a much better job of painting my toenails than I do and that's worth the price.  And it lasts me 3-4 weeks so it's not a huge investment in time.  I've learned that if I go first thing when they open on Sunday morning, I don't have to wait. 

I made empanadas today with Pk and he and Kate and El are going to consume them tomorrow as they watch the Euro Cup.  I'll spend the time napping or spinning.  Or maybe knitting.  I've got quite a few things going and they all need attention. 

Oh, we went and saw Brave. What a good movie.  I sobbed like a child and was reminded once again that it's tough to be the Mother in a Disney movie.  'nuff said.  We also saw a trailer for The Hobbit.  It looks like Peter Jackson has done it again. 

Does all of this sound disjointed?  It feels that way but life has felt kind of disjointed.  I attended the funeral for a coworker's mother on Friday.  Beautiful Catholic Requiem Mass.  Very solemn and full of ritual.  (and I had to wear real clothers, not breezy summer things.  It was 98 degrees and humid.)

We've been on edge at work since the governor of PA announced huge budget cuts to behavioral health services.  Huge like 30%.  I don't know how we absorb that kind of hit and keep providing services that are worthwhile.  Rumors are now flying that the legislature passed a kinder and gentler budget but no one has said anything to us yet.  The Dept of Public Welfare cut all cash payments (welfare payments) as of June.  Medical Assistance (insurance) and food stamps are still available but the measly 205 dollars a month has been cut (It's less than half of 1% of the total budget) with no warning.  I imagine there are a lot of folks that found out the hard way this weekend.  Part of me does not want to go to work on Monday.

We are coming up to a holiday week. The Fourth of July falls on a Wednesday. We opted to work Mon and Tues and take Wed (federal holiday), Thurs, and Fri off. I am looking so forward to this. We have no plans. Maybe a day at the lake. Pk will spend mornings working on the car. It's put back together and waiting for him to change out the old oil and filter and to empty the gas tank and put some fresh gas inside. We can't remember how much gas is in there. Hopefully, not much. He's feeling more optimistic about its chances. El washed the car this week and it looks good. (funny how making the car look clean makes it look like it'll work better) As soon as he gets it to turn over, we'll have it towed to the station and they can change out the rest of the fluids and put the new tires on. And then I can give Emily back her car. I know she must miss it and I'm so thankful she has generously allowed us to borrow it.  (I have good kids)

I guess that's enough stream of consciousness for any one person at a time.  I can't believe it's almost 9 o'clock.  I'm not sure where the evening went.  I hope you all are well and enjoying some part of this weekend.  


Roxie said…
Budget cuts - so scary. I hate the feeling of knowing the ax will fall, but not knowing where or how hard. Holding you in my prayers.

Wonderful Father's Day photo. And yes, the little stranger just makes it! What a pixie!

The spinning is divine. Do you have a plan for that yarn?

Hugs and blessings on the week to come. May you continue to enjoy the even tenor of your days and may all the big storms bypass you.
amy said…
I wondered about that little girl when I saw the photo. She definitely looks like she belongs! So funny.

Wishing you a calm couple of days at work and a great looooong holiday weekend!
Saren Johnson said…
Sending you good thoughts. 30% is dangerous.
Bells said…
wow my comment just vanished.

Ok what I said was I think the technical term for what that little girl has done is she 'photo bombed' your photo. So cute!

Tour de Fleece will be great - looking forward to seeing how it goes for you!
Rose Red said…
You are hopefully having a fourth of July holiday sleep in as I write this comment. Hope you have a good fe days off and hopefully the news won't be too bad about budget cuts. It always seems to be the disadvantaged who really suffer from these sorts of things. As if the somehow matter less. It makes me very sad.
Danielle said…
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