Well, it's been more than a week since we've chatted (or rather since I chattered at you).  Nothing is wrong, life has just been happening.

We had plans for a pleasant Father's Day weekend for Peter Kevin.  Friday, I took him out and bought him a new desk chair for sitting at his desk at home. It's wonderfully quiet!  No squeaks and noises as he moves around.  It has lumbar support (so important as we get older) and it reclines and he has enjoyed sitting in it.

Saturday, we went to the grocery store and ran some errands and then Pk decided to go get a haircut.  About an hour after he left he called me to tell me the car had stalled and wouldn't start.  He had called a tow truck and would be home as soon as he could.

Now, this is my baby.  It's the first car I bought brand new and I had owned it for 18 years. (yes, I got my money's worth out of it!).  We have never had any trouble with it until a few months ago when there were some electrical issues but we thought they were fixed.

Turns out, they weren't.  After spending several hours on Sunday morning, the car still wouldn't start and we made plans to have it towed Monday morning to the station on the corner. 

No joy.  Mike (mechanic) called to tell me they couldn't find the specific problem (other than there is no power to half the fuse box which included the fuel pump) but that it was going to be rather expensive to fix.  We (Pk and I) discussed it and decided the car was too old for that much money so we'd cut our losses and let her go.

I signed the title over to Mike (who is going to scrap the car and sell the nearlynew tires) and we emptied her out this morning.  I am so sad.  I know this is silly.  It's a CAR not a person but she was mine and only mine.  And now she's Mike's. 

In the meantime, Emily (very generously) is allowing us to borrow her car so we can get around and finally get Pk's car (a RAV 4) road worthy again.  If that is not feasible, we'll have to get a new/used car.  They are so expensive!  I'm being optimistic that the RAV is worth saving (Emily is not so optimistic and she knows way more about cars than I do).  Mechanic Mike said it might work, it's hard to tell.  So, cross your fingers, toes and whatever else you can for me that this works.

Other than that, things have been going along.  Today is the Summer Solstice and Summer is putting in an appearance.  We are supposed to get temps close to 100F (37.7C) for the rest of the week.  I like summer.  Things slow down somehow (from the heat, maybe?) and life is slower.  There's less clothing (which can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on HOW much less clothing we're talking about).

The a/c at work is high which is good when it's 100 degrees outside.  The a/c at home is ready to install in the bedrooms.  I don't mind the house being hot but we do need to be able to sleep.

So, that's our life at the moment.  Peter Kevin says he often feels like he's "God's cat toy.  Soetimes I get batted under the chair and he forgets me and then he remembers that I'm there and flicks me with his fingers".  We're hoping to end up back under the chair again soon.....


Roxie said…
You might look for cars from rental agencies. Yes, they have a lot of miles, but they have been really well cared for, and they're usually a good price. Best of luck finding a replacement!
amy said…
Good luck with the car situation--18 years is a good long time for a car to last, at least.
Galad said…
Wow - 18 years is a long time. I can see why it would be hard to say goodbye. Hope you get the car situation worked out.
KnitTech said…
(hugs) Its hard to let go of a good thing.
Rose Red said…
Oh, I'm sorry about the car - 18 years is a long time. I hope you can get PK's car working. Buying a new car is such a hassle.

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