I wrote this really good blog post this morning at work.  Ok, in my mind it was brilliant prose all about the quiet of the early morning and how I enjoy eating my bowl of Cheerios while there's no one else on the second floor of my building.  Then I added a photo from my iphone (which the computer at work will occasionally allow me to do) and hit the publish button and poof!  It was all gone.  No amount of cursing brought it back.  We use an old version of Explore at work and blogger no longer plays nice with it.  I don't have admin privileges on my work computer so I can't upgrade it.  Posting at work is a hit or miss proposition.  And today was a miss.

But it was so nice and quiet......

Instead, here I am at home at the end of the day.  It was not a bad Wednesday.  I got the things accomplished that I wanted to.  I faxed prescriptions to drugstores for folks who needed it, I answered many many phone questions, I wrote 7 treatment plans, I spoke to families and I ran a group.  I even knit 3 rows on my shawl at lunch.  (three short rows but it was the best I could accomplish at the time).  It was a satisfying day. 

It's time now to go and make some bolognese sauce for dinner.  I don't eat a lot of tomato sauces because of the acid but once in a while I crave the garlic and tomatoes.  I thought I could recreate what I wrote this morning but somehow, the muse has left the building.  Isn't that always the way?

I can share the photo of the lovely yarn I am spinning.  This is from some batts by Joan of The Cupcake Fiber Company.  This color is called Nuance.  There's turquoise and pink and red and blue in there and they all somehow work together well.  Joan makes the best prepared fiber I've ever used.  It's smooth and well blended and there are no knotty bits.  This a two ply almost-laceweight.  I used the high speed whorl to spin the singles and was able to spin them thinner than I have before.  I have enjoyed playing with the different capabilities of my wheel.  This is my practice for my TdF.  I will have to spin them even thinner than this to make it a lace weight but it's not a challenge if it's easy, now is it?

My sweater-to-be is waiting for me to figure out how to adapt the pattern to my slightly thicker than needed handspun.  I'll have to make a smaller size and figure out a better needle size.  It was so hot and humid I couldn't face touching it but this weekend is supposed to be delightful so I want to make all the decisions on how to make it work so I can get it started before the yucky weather comes back.   I like knitting with yarn I've made but it does make things a bit more challenging when size matters.

This is what it looked like at one point.  It's too big so I had to pull it out and use fewer stitches.  I love the way it looks but it wasn't working.  It's a work in progress in more way than one.  I'm learning from it and that always makes a project more interesting and satisfying.

And speaking of satisfying, I finished the audio book I struggled to get.  It was one of the rare times I finished a series of books and was satisfied with the ending.   Mira Grant managed to tie up the loose ends in a believable way (well, as believable as a zombie book can be).  These were good stories and probably more plausible than any of the other zombie apocalypse versions out there. 

My neighbor's chain saw is going again.  He's taken down so many trees.  I know the yard was overgrown but he's taken out the growth that acted as a sound barrier for the busy road that runs behind the house.  We have a fence back there and it's overgrown with vines.  It offers us privacy and muffles the traffic noises somewhat.  We like trees.  I think he's going to be sorry come July and August when there's no shade and the sun is beating down on his yard.  His reason?  He doesn't like raking leaves.  I know, there's no understanding some people.

Did I mention Pk and I joined a CSA?  (Community Supported Agriculture).  It's a share of local produce and other products that we pick up each week.   The hospital is a pick up spot so I took some bags into work because tomorrow is our first pick up.  We're in this for a number of reasons, one being we don't eat enough vegetables and this may help us eat more.  Another is that if we don't support local farms, they'll disappear.  We're hoping to try some things we haven't before and get some good fresh stuff that we already like.  I'm feeling kinda excited about it.

And now the hunger is setting in so I'm off to cook dinner since it won't cook itself.  Unfortunately  no amount of hinting has gotten either Pk or El to volunteer so if I want to eat, I have to get off my butt and make it happen.

See ya later.


Sheepish Annie said…
I'm holding off on the last book in the Newsflesh trilogy until school vacation starts. Kind of like a reward. Good to know it'll be worth the wait!
KnitTech said…
I know what you mean about satifying books. I've had a couple I've thrown across the room because the ending really sucked.
Roxie said…
Oh Donna Lee, I feel as if I just sat down to a cup of tea and a chat with you. This was a wonderful post!

The new yarn is lovely. Pretty, pretty colors! You're planning to spin lace weight? I'm SO impressed! And the sweater you're knitting is wunnerful! When I knit with handspun, one trick I use is to put about three inches of 2/2 rib under each arm. Or put panels of ribbing all around the sweater.

May you have a predominance of days like Wednesday. And may the Bolonese sauce not bother you at all!
Galad said…
Nice update even if it wasn't your "inspired" blog. Beautiful yarn you are spinning and the sweater will be wonderful once you work all the kinks out.

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