Meet Chet 2.0.  It's one of the trees I made for Em's party.  I think I used a Patons acrylic for the green and one of Vanna's metallics for the silvery bits.

(and fyi, I think blogger heard me talking about jumping ship and so they are suddenly playing very nice).

I enjoyed making the trees, they weren't hard-just boring after a while.  I put eyes on mine to give him personality.  Kate decided on the name.

And there is a candid shot of my lovely daughter(s- that's Elanor sitting in the doorway) and Jim standing near Em.  Getting a photo of Emily is never easy but this day she was full of the cooperation. 

We got some snow today, just a couple inches, less than 3 and very fine and powdery.  Pk and I left work early so we could go to the grocery store before all the Snowpocalypse folks could get there and buy up all the milk and bread.  I needed to get milk and eggs so I can make bread pudding this weekend.  I have been jonesing for it for a while and have finally collected enough odd bits of bread to make it worth my while.

We finished the shopping and then it took forever to get home because the roads were snow covered and that made them slippery.  We stopped at a local seafood store/restaurant (we don't go there often for dinner because they use Old Bay seasoning on absolutely everything they cook) and picked up containers of oyster stew and lobster bisque for dinner.

I own two Namaste bags and have bought three.  I own a Hermosa (which serves as the holder for wips and needles or as a wonderfully versatile travelling bag) and a Messenger bag for everyday travel back and forth to work.  We gave Kate a Messenger bag for her birthday in August and she loves it.  I needed a new bag so I bought one for myself in November for my birthday.

Today, I  noticed that my strap is pulling loose and actually tearing off the bag.  I was really surprised since it's only been 2 months and I don't carry much beyond my knitting, umbrella, bottle of water, cup of coffee and ipad and lunch.  Not enough to make the strap holder rip.  I phoned them (they're in California) and left a message.  Their website says they will pay for return postage and will either fix it or send me a new one. 

Thank goodness I still have my old red bag. 

And speaking of my ipad, I didn't know I needed one but evidently I did because I find myself using it every day.  I have a subscription to the NY Times and I read the paper and then I read books.  I use it to look things up and stream videos from Netflix.  I don't turn on the laptop nearly as often as I used to.  It will be very handy in the summer when it's hot and I don't want a hot computer on my lap.

I did a dumb thing today.  I bought a birthday card for a friend and didn't pick up the envelope!  In my defense, it's a really cool card that features a light up tiara for the recipient to wear.  I was so enthralled with the flashing lights that I didn't notice there was no envelope.  I'm going to try to make one tomorrow. 

It's rather late and Pk is sleeping next to me as I type.  I haven't taken my night time medicine yet and so I'm still awake.  I knew the stuff made me sleepy but not how much.  I need to go and take it now so I can go to bed soon.  I have things I want to do tomorrow (and will have time since the shopping is done!).

Happy weekend everyone!


Galad said…
Glad Blogger is playing nice again. I'm starting to think I need to save up for an Ipad. The rest of my family loves theirs.

Have a warm and cozy weekend!
DrK said…
ah see, another reason to recommend the macbook air. it weighs like, nothing, and doesnt get hot :) i cant tell you how much i would love to be somewhere where its snowing right now, i hope you managed to get bread though. mmm pudding....and lovely photos too!
Roxie said…
I was going to help with those trees, and then I got hit by the flu and lost two weeks. I apologize. I meant well.

Hugs to one and all. Hope the party was wonderful.
Rose Red said…
Ha, blogger is trying to win you back. Nice try!

I love my iPad. I read the paper on it too, it definitely saves the paper (sometimes I only just get the sudoku puzzle done, and that's it for my newspaper reading for the day). I also haven't printed a knitting pattern since I got it. I love it so much, heh heh!

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