The corner by my office continues to become more interesting.  Now there's a bridge like structure coming out of the mist.  When I left today, the artist was working on that corner. His name is Nick and he's probably somewhere between 20 and 30.  He's a pleasant young man and will chat if you stop and talk to him. (which, of course, I do)  I think it's so cool to watch his creative mind showing up on the wall.  I asked him if he had a plan or if "ideas just came tumbling out".  He said he had an outline in his head and was letting the ideas tumble out as well.  I am so envious.  I have ideas but they get lost between my brain and my hands.

So many of my coworkers don't like this.  "Why does it look old already?"  someone asked.  I said maybe it's supposed to be subtle?  We ARE adults and not children and bright primary colors might be jarring to people who are already hearing voices and seeing things that aren't there.  I find the images soothing and lovely in a misty/fairy like way.  Like this waterfall running through the mountains and forests.  (now wouldn't some aliens coming out of the forests add to the coolness?)

Our temperatures are playing games with us again.  It's fairly warm out but it rained and rained and rained today and now the wind is blowing.  All of the snow that was in our back yard is now running through our crawlspace.  We set up the pump and it'll be dry in a little while.  There was so much snow and then all the rain from today on top of that is too much for our already saturated ground to absorb, especially since it's mostly clay. 

We're going out in a few minutes to get Kate an iphone and to add her data packet to our phone plan.  She was going to wait until we got Pk his new iphone (when the 4G ones come out in a few months) but she decided she couldn't wait that long.  We're going to have dinner and then come home and crash.  Pk and I have been trading a cold/sinus infection back and forth.  I went to the doctor last night for my regular visit and he said my ear was all red and my throat is red and my sinuses sounded packed (for the record, none of this was a surprise to me).  I have a new antibiotic prescription and Pk will see the doctor tomorrow so that we can get rid of this thing once and for all (or at least until the next one comes along).

I got the second of three shipments of sock yarn in the mail today. This is The Rohirrim (the horse people).  It's a superwash merino/nylon sock yarn and since it was a gift, it will become socks for me.  I try to use gift yarns for myself since someone gave the yarn to me.  I have 4 pairs of socks on the needles and the mystery shawl and that's all.  One pair of socks has been 'in progress' for over a year.  The bayerische socks with all of their entwinning cables and twisted stitches require a dedication that I haven't been able to muster for a while.  One is finished and one is not-quite-halfway finished.  I hope to finish them one day.....

Kate got a new phone and I will admit to a little phone envy.  She got a smart phone, an Android.  It's very cool and not even too expensive.  Pk keeps telling me I need to upgrade my phone to a smart phone but I figure he has one and I don't need one.  My (pink) phone just makes calls and texts and it's all good.  But, standing there in the store with all the new shiny toys is tempting.

It's already almost 9 o'clock and we just got home and I just got settled.  I want to work on my mystery shawl for a bit.  I finished the first clue and am working on clue 2.  I have a week until the next one and if all goes well, I'll have time to finish.  I tried to take a photo but the lighting is so bad due to the rain that it'll have to wait.  It really is pretty and I love the beaded bits.

 I was never a person drawn to sparkly things, I think because my mother dismissed any sparkly, feminine thing I admired as a child.  As a grown up, I am drawn to sparkly things sometimes and I have to fight the urge to automatically put it down.  I LIKE sparkly things sometimes and it's OK.  It's OK to be feminine and to like girly things.  I never realized how much I liked pink frilly bits.  My mom didn't like them so there weren't any in our lives.  Now, I have lots of pink things and I even have a sweater that has sparkly buttons that I wear to work all the time (the buttons look like rhinestones and I love it).  My inner beauty pageant queen is sneaking out.  This could be dangerous.  If I start poofing my hair out and wearing sashes, someone stage an intervention, 'kay?

We have a busy weekend since we're celebrating Pk's birthday so we took both took Monday off and I took Tuesday off as well.  I had a busy week this past week and I'm still fighting off this infection so I wanted some time to just vegetate. 

I am so looking forward to this long weekend.  Anybody have any interesting plans?


Rose Red said…
Maybe you could suggest to Nick that he add a wee alien in the picture somewhere, just for you!

Also, I think you should perhaps give in to your inner beauty queen one day this weekend. Just for kicks.
amy said…
You know, I wasn't a big pink fan, and when I was pregnant with the girl I told everybody no frilly stuff, that she would wear pink and frilly when and if she chose to. (Except for my younger son, he got to pick out all the pink stuff for her he wanted, since it was his favorite color at the time.) She loves pink, but she's not so much about the frilly. It's HER choice. I've always let my kids have control over what they wear, as much as possible. I currently have some blue sparkly fabric waiting to be turned into a skirt...she loved the fabric, and I'm just waiting to get up enough courage to try and deal with it in all of its fraying slipperiness!

No big plans this weekend... the kids all need new, bigger shoes--I'm hoping they'll be able to wear something besides snow boots soon!
Kaye said…
I find it interesting that your new sock yarn kind of matches that mural!
Roxie said…
LOVE the mural! It invites imagination. What a treat for you! And tell the complainers to wait till it's done. Critiqueing mid-process is silly.

You know I love pink, and frilly is such fun. If it's shiney, too, oooooo!

Hugs to you and hope you relish your weekend. Happy, happy day to PK!
Alwen said…
I love the mural, too! It looks like some of the awesome trompe l'oiel wallpapers I used to covet.
Anonymous said…
i have an android smart phone and love it! good choice. and someone should tell nick that his work reminds me, on the other side of the globe, of Turner, and maybe your co-workers might want to look up that reference as well! i would love him to come pain my office walls like that. and so far my weekend has been socialising and knitting. its raining here now, so i might do some vaccuuming. exciting stuff!

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