When we last met our intrepid heroine, she was back at work after a weekend of feeling sick and was armed with clean underwear in case the sickness followed her into work (one can never be too prepared for this). 

Monday and Tuesday passed quickly.  Clients were seen and work got done.  And the came Wednesday.  I woke up with a scratchy throat but thought nothing of it and went to work where I fell asleep at every opportunity.  Twice I actually put my head down onto my desk and someone came by and asked if I was alright.  I blamed cold medicine but in reality I hadn't taken anything to make me that sleepy.  This did not bode well.

Thursday I got up and my throat was so swollen I could just barely swallow an advil for the pain and swelling.  My head hurt and my glands were rather swollen.  I called out of work and went to the doctors where they tested me for strep (negative) and talked about mono and cat scratch fever.  It's not out of the realm of possiblity that I have mono, I've had it before and remember the unrelenting tiredness.  I got an antibiotic and went home to sleep.

I called my supervisor to let him know I would be off on Friday and that I had a doctor's note.  He said "that's good.  we'll talk".  And now I am anxious.  I have a feeling there are going to be serious repercussions and I am not looking forward to going in tomorrow.  I think I have 4 occurrences since August and you're not allowed to have 5 a year before the Disciplinary PolicIy kicks in.  I may get written up.  All because I was considerate enough not to bring my sickness into the workplace.  I won't get fired.  Worst case, I am on probation and can't get sick for the next YEAR. 

I slept most of the past four days.  We tried to have a date night on Friday but during dinner, I was so tired that I just wanted to go home (24 hrs on the antibiotic meant no contagion).  I've been sleeping on and off since then and still have a scratchy throat but it's not swollen anymore. 

When I wasn't asleep, I was listening to a good audio book series called The Strain (G. del Toro).  I love a good vampire story and this is an imaginative look at what it would be like if there was an outbreak in Manhattan and how it would spread and propoganda and people and how they cope.  It's less about the infected than the yet-to-be-infected.

And I did some knitting.  Some very simplistic toe up, ribbed socks made from Mini Mochi that Kate and Patrick gave me for my birthday.  It's a single ply and nice to work with.  I know these won't be the longest lasting socks ever but I like making them.  They're soft and the color is lovely.  And I worked on my mystery shawl kal when I had the mental accuity to knit a beaded shawl.  I have been trying to use charts instead of written directions because many designers don't do written directions.  I'm not very successful when I have to read back and forth and the symbols change depending on which direction you're moving.  Thankfully, Susan does written directions and when I can concentrate, I can make progress.  I'm on row 30 of 57.  I'd like to finish it before the next clue comes out on Friday.

Pk spent the day with Emily yesterday and they did some shopping together and had a sushi lunch (which turns my stomach).  Pk bought me a Valentines' day gift.  He thought I would like the colorfulness of it and to him it represented what I do for a living.  It reminded him of me.  Isn't it pretty?  I am going to try to hang it up on the wall in my office.  It's from Ten Thousand Villages and is made from a 55 gallon drum.  I love it.

He also bought me a sheep finger puppet that I have named Sheila.  She just told me her name was Sheila and I was pleased to meet her.

We don't celebrate Valentines' day in a big way.  When the girls were little, I made a fuss and decorated the table and gave them each a Valentine and some candy.  It was all about the Love.  Not just romantic love but Love pure and simple.  Pk and I have given each other chocolates and cards and flowers and such but not gifts.  It was a surprise when he came home with the wall hanging and knitted sheep.
He's a good guy.  I'm keeping  him.

Today we're supposed to go grocery shopping but neither of us feels motivated so I think we'll go tomorrow after work.  Not that we'll feel any more motivated then either but we'll already be out of the house so it'll seem easier.

I'm off to fix some breakfast so I can take my medicine and Pk is going to work outside in the garage since the temps aren't quite as low as they've been.  It's not even freezing outside and the snow is slowly receding.  It's starting to feel like winter is loosening its grip and that feels so good.  We should be seeing some crocus shoots soon, or we would if the bed wasn't covered in snow!


Roxie said…
Bless your dear heart! What a punishing sickleave policy your job has! What happens if you show up and then put your head down on your desk for the rest of the day becaue you can't afford another occurrence but you con't have the strength to do anything? And what if you come down with something that knocks you down for ten or twelve days? Do they fire you then?

I want you to stay home till you're well, then go spit in your boss's eye if she complains, but I know you are much too mature, responsible and kind to do that. Hope you heal fast!!
Kaye said…
I had the SAME symptoms! And I even did the headdesk thing. I thought I was going to die Wednesday night. I thought for sure it was strep. Maybe not.
Regardless after a steady diet of Advil and tea for a week I'm doing much better. I hope the same for you and your stupid work policy!
Rose Red said…
I think the wall hanging is great, I can totally see why PK thought it reminded him of you and what you do.

I think I've said it before, but your employer's sick leave policy is just appalling. Sure, there are some people who abuse the provision of paid sick leave, but the majority of people do the right thing, and it's ridiculous there appears to be no discretion in managing it. Anyway, I hope things go ok for you and you don't get written up.
Alwen said…
I just hate sick leave policies like that. They make NO SENSE.
Galad said…
Like everyone else, I can't believe what a restrictive sick leave policy your office has. Glad to hear you are starting to feel a little better.

The wall hanging is awesome and should be a bright spot throughout your work day.
KnitTech said…
Sick is sick. Hope you're feeling better.
Anonymous said…
oh im so lucky to have generous sick leave that ROLLS OVER from one year to the next if i dont use it. how ridiculous that they would rather you come in and infect everyone. thats going to cost them more in the long run. and being anxious about it wont help you get well either. but hopefully smiling at that amazing wall hanging will help! such a thoughtful present from a good sort!
Dianne said…
Hope you're feeling better very soon. I don't understand why a health care facility has such a sucky policy when it comes to sick days. Seriously... Do they really want sick people going to work and infecting everyone else? Sheesh!

PK's sweater is fabulous! My goal is to make a sweater some day. Some year. Some decade.

Bells said…
oh goodness that's a harsh rule about sickness. I wonder why youve been struck down so much. Such a tough year.

Love the finger puppet!
Bells said…
oh goodness that's a harsh rule about sickness. I wonder why youve been struck down so much. Such a tough year.

Love the finger puppet!

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