I started a post on Friday about how it was 65 degrees (20C) in February and what a lovely break from all the bone chilling cold we've had.  I even noticed a young woman (and it's always a young woman) wearing shorts and flip flops (while I was wearing pants, wool socks, long sleeved shirt and light wool coat).  I was writing this at work because I was just waiting for clue number 2 in the mystery kal to be released and I was also waiting for the end of the day.

A coworker came in to chat.  "I'm bored and antsy and don't want to be in my office".  It made me laugh because it seemed like we were all feeling like that.  It was something about a spring-like day in the middle of winter that was driving us all crazy. 

I have restarted my kal shawl more than once (and more than three or four times at this point).  I am seemingly incapable of counting and following directions even with the placement of stitch markers.  I restarted again today and am working my way painstakingly slowly through the directions.  I have faith that eventually I'll get it but that faith is being sorely tested.  It may be that my brain hasn't been functioning at an optimal level with the illnesses I've had.  I think that's as good an excuse as any.

short row heels!
I couldn't touch it on Friday, too tired, so I finished my Mini Mochi socks.  There they are on the mussed bed right before I stripped it.  I love this yarn.  It's soft and the colors are great.  I tried to make matching socks but this was as close as I could get.  These are plain, toe up, 1x1 ribbed socks.  Perfect for movie watching and mindless knitting. 

I cast on for another mindless pair and Pk has suggested that maybe they could be for him.  And he's started talking about Sweater 2011.  He figures that since the other sweater is finished, I must want to start another one for him fairly soon.  He's such a kidder.

His birthday is Wednesday so the girls are coming for dinner on Sunday.  Pk wants sausage so we'll have sausage and meatball sandwiches and some mac salad and an angel food cake with whipped cream and fruit.  I thought it would be fun to play a game while we are all together so we bought a set of Zombie Dice. 

Aren't they cool looking?  You get brains dice (self explanatory), running feet dice (for quarry that got away) and shotgun blast dice (also self explanatory).  It's silly and looks like tons of fun.  We used to play games all the time when the girls were young and I thought that since we are all getting together it would be a chance to have some fun.  We have some more sedate board games to play (like Scrabble) but I have a feeling that Zombie Dice will be a big hit with this crowd.

I can't believe how quickly the weekend has gone by.  It's time to fix dinner and then it's just a short few hours before we're getting up for work.  Tomorrow is a federal holiday so the trains will be fairly empty.  Lots of places are closed for the day.  Pk and I both have to work so we'll be getting up early and heading out in what's supposed to be rainy, snowy, yucky weather.  We've had some of our biggest snowstorms in February so those couple of balmy days were such a tease.

But I know Spring is coming.  I haven't seem my daffodils yet, but I can look out my window and see that the side of my neighbor's house that gets a lot of sun has green bits that are a few inches tall. 

Have a good end of the weekend and a quiet start to the new week. 
Peaceful thoughts everyone!


Alwen said…
Neither DH nor I have to work tomorrow, and that's good, because we are having freezing rain and sleet here! Nice to have the two things (time off and bad roads) scheduled for the same day.
Rose Red said…
I love knitting patterned socks, but there's something so comforting about a plain sock (I count ribbed as plain!). Love being able to pick something up and just knit, without having to think about a pattern.

Love that you play lots of board games etc with the family. I hope to do that too.
amy said…
I love the colors of those socks! It didn't get quite that warm here on Friday, but enough of a tease to make me lose all fortitude to get through the rest of the winter (expecting snow here tomorrow, too). But the boys are home from school all week and I'm looking forward to a week off from early mornings and lunch packing. The husband is off to DC tomorrow, if his plane isn't delayed, that is.
Anonymous said…
those socks are gorgeous, and that PK, he cracks me up with his jokes about MORE sweaters. tell me more about the signs of spring at your place, because here it means winter is coming and I Can Not Wait. also, its monday afternoon here and im bored and antsy, can i come hang around your desk?
Roxie said…
I see the young guys at the college in those baggy, oversized clown shorts wearing flipflops in the snow. I think they just can't find their sneakers. Or it may be testosterone poisoning (Gotta look tough. Fear no snow.) They don't look happy.

Best wishes for a good Monday!
KnitTech said…
The young don't seem to be affected by the cold. Much like you, the more layers the better.
Bells said…
goodness starting the shawl over three or four times is a bit trying isn't it? Sometimes it's worth it, sometimes it's a sign that it's not meant to be. Which one is it for you??

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