Peter Kevin took today's photo on Friday on the way home.  It's always interesting to ride in the front seat of the train across from the driver.  It's a totally different view of our ride.

This is the Benjamin Franklin Bridge.  You can see the Delaware River and that's Camden in the distance there.  The bridge has four stone supports.  Two on the Pennsylvania side and two on the New Jersey side.  There's also a walkway.  This is the only bridge you can walk or ride a bike across.  The tracks immediately in front of you are for the PATCO line, the train we take into work each day.

I'm reluctant to take photos of the trains/bridges.  After the bombings in 2001, people look at you strangely if you are taking photos of a transportation device.  And there are posters inside the trains talking about "watching out for each other" or is it "watching each other?".  No, we're not paranoid, why do you ask?
This is the inside of the train.  It's right after we've gotten on and you can see that it's still fairly empty.  We are on the second stop going toward Philadelphia.  Usually, we are able to get a seat together in the morning, it's still the beginning of the morning rush hour. 

The train ride takes about 20-25 minutes and is noisy even though it's electric and should be quiet.  The power might be quiet but the cars and the train itself is over 30 years old and not as quiet as it used to be.  People are quiet in the morning.  Some are still asleep and there is often a woman putting on her makeup (although how they do that in a moving train is beyond me).  This is the easiest way for us to get to Philadelphia and is cheaper than driving/parking and dealing with all the traffic. 

I remember when the train first opened and my grandparents took us for a ride into Philadelphia for lunch.  We were so excited!  A train on a bridge! 

And today, I still like to watch the river go by and see the sun coming up on the buildings. 
Welcome to Monday November 7th.


amy said…
I think riding the train to work would be fabulous, much better than driving. Every time I drive to Providence in the morning I wonder how people do it every day. But, no train service here...commuter into Boston from here, but not Providence.
KnitTech said…
They keep talking about putting in a light rail between Boise and Nampa. Not sure it would be a good idea, they can't even get commuter rides working right.
drkknits said…
i love train commuting for work, so long as you can get a seat. amazing shot of the bridge. the paranoia is sad isnt it?

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