November 6th

Today's photo is a finished object.  This summer I joined the Unique Sheep's tea/yarn club.  Three months of yarn and tea.  I got a lovely lavender colored cashmere/merino yarn and some Marquise Grey (lavendar flavored) tea.  I got some lovely chai tea and some yarn dyed with light beige and yellow/beige silk/merino yarn.

And in September I got this.  It's a cotton/bamboo blend and one of their unique color changing skeins.  You can see how it started with the bright green and purple and ended with dark purple and brownish colors.  Four tiny skeins.

I crocheted this mostly during my group at work.  I wasn't sure what I would do with this blend.  I was sure it wouldn't make good socks and decided I'd use it for a scarf.  I must have ripped parts of it out a dozen times as I got used to the pattern (and using a hook!). 

It's an interesting thing.  I'm not sure quite what to do with it.  I have to weave in the ends which may be difficult since there is no wool in it and the ends are likely to slip out.  I think I'll get some dark thread and sew the ends in place.  I don't know if I'll even block it out since I like the texture of the piece and the feel of it.  It's drapey and soft, the kind of thing you would wear with some plain colors or to spice up a white shirt.

I'm on my way to the kitchen to make some popcorn and we're going to watch Inception (Leonardo DiCaprio's movie).  I work with someone who doesn't like butter.  We've been discussing it and don't understand it at all.  Butter is why we eat popcorn after all!

It's potato/leek soup and grilled sandwiches for dinner and then the weekend is over already.  We gained an hour today but it got lost in the shuffle somewhere. 


amy said…
That yarn is gorgeous!! I love purple and green together, it's been a favorite combination of mine for ages.

There is no extra hour of sleep when there are kids in the house, that's for sure. :)
Galad said…
Lovely scarf and the potato soup sounds cozy. It is raining here today so we are enjoying the change from our usual sunshine.
KnitTech said…
It was a potato soup day at our house also.

The scarf is lovely.
Roxie said…
I miss the hour so much in the spring. And it somehow seems much smaller when we get it back in the fall. Sigh. Still, and extra hour of sleep is always a good thing.

The scarf should be a thing of comfort and joy. Good job. I wouldn't block it either.

How did you like Inception?
Bells said…
doesn't like butter? What? How?

That's a lovely scarf. I think it really works. How did you go with the ends? Or is that in the next post and I haven't read it yet....

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