Friday creeps closer and I thought I was prepared for my presentation.  Then I was "invited" (read that as strongly encouraged) to "attend" a conference call to talk about the meeting on Friday.  I got to hear the presentations of the other three agencies and theirs all sound so much more involved and together.  I felt a little flustered and realized I'll have to spend tomorrow doing some more preparation.  It also sounded like they all had way more time to think about this and come up with something than I did.

Peter Kevin walked down to my office to wait while I finished the call and he remarked on the fact that my neck and face were red.  And this was just a rehearsal.  Sigh.  I think I may need some of my anti-anxiety meds before this thing on Friday.  The Director said to me today, "I owe you for this one".   She surely does.

On Sunday, Kate asked me if I wanted to go to the yarn store.  I thought about it for a hot minute and said "of course" and we went to Woolbearers, our favorite lys.  She bought some lovely sparkly yarn and I walked around and around.  I didn't really want to spend money but I found myself drawn back again and again to this "skein" of Crazy Zauberball.  Yes, the colors are actually that bright.  There were three color groups, pink/grey, blue/purple, and red/orange/green.  I went with the bright one thinking it would make amazingly colorful socks.

It's a bit splitty to work with and not terribly soft.  That's probably a good thing since soft yarn doesn't always last very long.

They won't be twins that's for sure.  And they'll probably only get worn with jeans, but that's ok.  I love these socks already.  And I'm grateful for the signature needles.  The very sharp stilletto tips make it easier to use this splitty yarn.  I am finding it very amusing.

I'm listening to The Mists of Avalon (Marion Zimmer Bradley), a version of the King Arthur tale that focuses on the women.  It's read by Davina Porter who has a wonderful voice.  (She reads the Outlander books, too).  It is such a good telling of the story and so different from the many, many versions where the women are mostly background fixtures.  There's spinning.  The women are always pulling out a spindle and spinning.  It made me realize again how lucky I am that I do not have to provide all the fabric for all my family's clothes.  I like to spin but don't want to do it ALL the time.

We are going to go find a Christmas tree this weekend and Pk and I will do some of our shopping.  We usually shop once together and then the rest separately.  It seems like there's loads of time till Christmas but I know how fast that time will pass.  I haven't found my holiday spirit, yet.  It just hasn't clicked in my head that tomorrow is December.  I guess the fact that the temperature has been spring-like hasn't helped. 

 How warm is it?  Well, this is a forsythia bush that was outside of the yarn store.  They bloom in the Spring.  November is NOT spring around here.  The cold snap we had in October (with frost) and then the almost 70 degree temps this week must have confused it. It's more seasonable today with highs in the 50's (12.7C). 

Otherwise, we are doing well.  Pk is learning to get along with Siri but it's a rocky relationship.  He calls her names and she responds with "Peter, I will not respond to that kind of language".  It makes me laugh.  Technology is an entertaining thing.

How are you finding your holiday spirit? (that is if you've found it).  Is there a thing that does it for you?  I didn't put out the decorations the weekend after Thanksgiving like I usually do since it seemed a bit early.  Maybe this weekend.  Maybe I'll find my spirit tucked away inside those boxes.


drkknits said…
its hard to get much christmas spirit when you live somewhere that promises scorching hot weather usually with bushfires on christmas day. however, this morning a list was made of potential menu items that make good picnic fodder, and that sort of got me going a bit. i also decided to finish a pair of socks for a gift. so maybe im not so bah humbug after all!
amy said…
I hung up the Advent calendar today, and the kids will start opening one pocket per day tomorrow, with little activities inside. They are excited, so I am, too, and I like that I'm the one who makes this happen, you know?

Also, we bought a Lego Star Wars Advent calendar, too. Chris and I couldn't resist. It includes a mini figure of Yoda in a Santa suit. If that doesn't get you in the holiday spirit, I don't know what will!!
KnitTech said…
Nope, not ready for that whole Christmas thing...
Roxie said…
Sitting in the living room with just the Christmas tree lights on gets me in the mood.
Louiz said…
The weather has been so warm, it doesn't feel like Christmas yet!

I love that zauberball. I really must get my hands on some!

Good luck for your presentation, I hope it goes well.
Rose Red said…
Love the Zauberball!

Not sure what will get me in the Christmas spirit, it sure doesn't feel like the 2nd of December! Maybe putting up some decorations will help.
Alwen said…
I don't think I would have bought that Zauberball myself, but I really like the first inches! They look very Christmassy!
Bells said…
Ah Mists of Avalon. Thanks for mentioning that. I think I'll get a copy. I do quite enjoy Davina Porter's reading.

Holiday spirit is kicking off ok here. I've started knitting decorations! :-)
catsmum said…
The Marion Zimmer Bradley Avalon books are classics. My copies are twenty plus years old. Except for the one that Diana Paxson finished after Bradley passed away. I bought that at a Library sale last year. It hasn't gripped me.

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