Things to be thankful for 2.0

fall colors(even though most of the trees are naked now)

two days of doing as little as humanly possible (we have been lazy slugs for two days and I have loved every moment of it)

children who ask if you want to go somewhere with them (they want to spend time with me)

65 degree days in late November (that's 18.5 C and not normal for this late in fall but it's soooo nice to have the windows open and the fresh air coming in)

J D Robbs' Eve Dallas novels (a very guilty pleasure)

my new walkman that holds a charge for hours and hours and gives me such pleasure

french toast and bacon for breakfast

holding hands

new toilets that flush and don't leak

a job to return to tomorrow morning (although I may need to be reminded that I'm thankful at 6 am when the alarm goes off)


my husband

a craft that allows me to be creative and make actual useful things at the same time

to be continued.........


Rose Red said…
It is a great thing your kids want to spend time with you.

I am thankful the sun came out for most if the weekend, after a week of rain!
Roxie said…
Of course your kids want to spend time with you. So do I for that matter!

You desperately NEEDED the rest. Two days of slugdom is scarcely a catch-up. More would be good for you.

It's great to have a job to complain about. Hope yours gives you little cause for complaint. You do so much for so many people!
KnitTech said…
Great list of things you love.
Amy Lane said…
LOL-- I'm thankful for the J.D. Robb novels too:-)
drkknits said…
so much to be thankful for! two days of slugdom is such luxury, i hope going back to work wasnt too traumatic.

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