Today was a fairly productive day.  I woke up really early.  I must have slept well because I was rarin' to go.  I played around downloading some audio books and then showered and started the laundry.

Yesterday while I was out, I bought some lightweight summer fabric to make some floaty summer skirts.  One is brown floral and one is bright colors.  I had heard the weather forcast for this upcoming week and it's going to be brutally hot and humid again.  The brown fabric is a linen blend and lovely and light.  The other floral is almost like a dotted swiss and also really light. 

I got out the sewing machine today and made two skirts.  One out of each fabric.  They're plain floaty skirts with elastic waists.  Nothing hard.  It took all of three hours start to finish.  Pk said "It looks just like store bought".  I know he meant it as a compliment. 

He spent the day hunting down a dogwood tree.  One of his coworkers alerted him to a downed tree in her neighborhood.  He tried three times before he found it.  The man said he could have the whole tree and today he cut up most of it and brought it home (along with some large chunks of walnut which fell in my brother's yard).  The pile of wood in front of the house grows larger every time I go past it.  And he wants to go back for more.  There's no way he could ever complain of my wanting to have a yarn/roving stash!  Although, most of his wood stash is "found wood".  Wouldn't it be cool if yarn/roving could be found on the side of the road?

I finished up the laundry and we went to the local deli to buy some sandwiches for our fireworks picnic.  We had soda, chips and sandwiches.  And lest you think all thoughts of nutrition were out the window, there was fruit.  (there was also m&m's and licorice but let's focus on the fruit)

We got to our favorite spot around 6 pm and set up.  The show doesn't start until around 9 but we go early and stake out our spot.  We don't go into the stadium but sit outside on the school grounds.  We were the first ones there but very shortly after we got there, other people started showing up.  Em had a stomach virus and opted to stay home.  Kate, Patrick, Pk, me, my brother, his wife and their two children were there.  And Em's friend Kely who said she knew right where we'd be.  She sat and watched the display with us.

They were spectacular but I took no photos.  I chose to leave the camera home and to just enjoy myself.  When the fireworks were done, we packed up our chairs and our cooler on wheels (one of the very best investments we have ever made!) and walked home. 

I can hear firecrackers going off as people continue to celebrate.  We are going to a friend's house for food and swimming tomorrow.  And on Monday, we'll get up early and try to go to the lake. 

I love long weekends!


Bells said…
beautiful day!

I'm longing to start making summer skirts. Do you use a pattern or do you have a free and easy approach? I think it'll be lovely to choose such lovely fabric and just dress myself! I had a sewing day too, but more bags, nothing I could wear.
Bezzie said…
Yeah I'm rocking the skirts this week too. Same pattern--simple and elastic waistband. 102 in Newark today! This is horrible. The violence happens when it gets hot out. People get cranky.

What kind of bugs does a woodstash get? We get moths, but I imagine it's worse if you're a woodlover.

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