Schmutzie is having a week of meta-blogging.  You know, blogging about blogging.  She writes a blog from up in the wilds of Saskatchewan (I can never spell that correctly) and always has interesting things to say.  This week, it's all about the blogs themselves and the bloggers who blog them.  (sounds like a Monty Pythonesque scene).

According to the profile page, I have been on blogger since April of 2007, so just over 3 years.  I have just over 600 posts.  I was going to say that I can't believe I've come up with all those words but that wouldn't be true. 

I like to talk.  I enjoy engaging people in conversations and learning about them and sharing my own observations and experiences.  I look at the blog as a way to talk to people.  Rarely is there any important content, just every day noticings and thoughts.  Sometimes I use it as a way to say things out loud to see how they sound.  Sometimes I use it as a way to share fun stuff or not-so-fun stuff. 

I wouldn't classify myself as a shy person but I'm also not comfortable being the center of attention.  I like my anonymous little life. 
So why, then put parts of myself out there?  There's something vulnerable about blogging.  We put our words and our selves out into the world for others to read and comment on.  Talk about a leap of faith.  It takes a certain amount of confidence to do that (not as much as walking on the beach in a bikini but you get the drift).   How much to share and how much is too personal?  I don't share photos of my brother's kids because I am not sure how he'd feel about it.  My kids?  Whenever I can get them to sit still. 

I'm a late comer to the digital world.  I am an analog dinosaur and I'll admit it.  I wear an analog watch and would have an analog alarm clock if I could find one with two alarm settings on it.  This digital world has been like an opening door for me.  I have watched Olivia felt pears (and loved them!), Bells make the most amazing sweaters, Rosered make a baby, Amy write another (!) book, Roxie open her heart and fabric stash and keep the world's children warm.  I shared in Galad's joy as her daughter graduated, in Amy's amazement as her two boys finished their first year at school (away from home), and Joan's anxiety as her son went through some harrowing surgery (I could relate). 

And what a wonderful, strange, amazing journey it has been!  Thank you all for coming along for the ride.  Shall we go around again?

And now for something completely different.......

This weekend is Independence Day here in the US.  July 4th.  It's a long weekend this year and Pk and I made it longer by taking tomorrow off.  Friday will be our day of chores and shopping.  Saturday we'll have a lazy day and then go to see fireworks and Sunday we're invited to a friend's house for swimming and barbecue.  Monday, we may try to get to the lake but we have yet to make it there before they close it (due to capacity crowds) on a holiday.  But, hope springs eternal and so we may try again. 

I love the fireworks.  We go over to the school early and have a picnic dinner and wait for darkness.  We have our usual corner and the girls' friends know where to find us.  We have learned to walk because the traffic is horrendous and it will take us an hour and a half to get home and it's only a mile away. 

Happy Birthday !


Rose Red said…
Yes, let's go around again, weeeeeeeeeeee!

I've said this to you before, but I love the peek into your life that you give us every day - it's a life well-lived, I think.

Have a lovely long weekend!
Galad said…
Blogger ate my first post so I'll try again.

Yes, let's do it again! The journey is always interesting even when it seems most mundane to you.

Have a wonderful holiday weekend. Any picnics in the plans?
Kaye said…
Enjoy your long weekend and stay cool! It's supposed to be HOT after today! :-(
Jeanne said…
I'm glad you blog - I really enjoy how personal your blog is, and how we get a sense of who you are. I hope you continue!

I took today off too - I can't resist a four day weekend...Have a great weekend and enjoy the fireworks!
KnitTech said…
Enjoy the picnic. Hope it's not overly hot there.
Roxie said…
Ooooh, and then you get to walk a mile home in the summer darkness with your beloved. Great idea!!

Blogging for me is a cross between a journal and a back fence. I feel I have friends all over who are so dear to me! It's the daily stuff that I find fascinating.
Oh yes, stay cool. Some of us are at work today (don't tell?). Happy 4th to all!
Anonymous said…
yes indeed, take us for another spin! so funny that i was thinking about blogging while you were busy writing this. i love your posts, i feel like a get a real window into your life and you arent afraid to share. thanks for that!

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