Pearls Before Swine
"Pearls Before Swine"  by S. Pastis.  One of the funniest strips I've ever read. 
Pig has a stalker.  It's a sheep. 

Just thought I'd share a laugh today.  Not much else is happening but a laugh always starts the day off in the right general direction.


Roxie said…
I love Pig - the eternal optimist. It's nice that he has an admirer - even if she is a bit odd.
Should that be called "purls before swine?"
Sorry, couldn't resist!
Tashagdyu said…
All it would take would have been for one of us to be a bit distracted and interstate 95 would have same a four car pileup. Standard batteries, once considered to be necessary for the operation of digital cameras, have fallen out of favor. I was glad that I hadn't hit her as I was going nearly 80 mph in the right lane when I saw her.

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