I made it through the day on Friday surprisingly well.  Ah, the wonders of caffeine.  I usually avoid it since it interferes with my bp medicine but some days it's definitely called for.  I spent the day preparing for clinic on Monday.  The morning clinic is being observed by some high muckety-muck and the doctor is a little nervous.  Me?  Not so much.  This person has no power where I'm concerned and I know I'll do a good job anyway.

While I was on the train on the way home, my phone buzzed (it lives most of its live on vibrate).  Pk letting me know he was at the station.  I let him know I was enroute.  The phone buzzed again and it was Em.
Em:  You guys have plans for tomorrow?
Me: No, why? 
Em: We want to come down and hang out.
Me: You want to go to the lake?
Em:  No.  How about dinner at the park?
Me:  Ok.  How's chicken salad sound?
Em: Great!  What can I bring?
Me:  Chips and Ice.  I'll make sandwiches and desert.


Me:  Want to take your wheel to the park?
Em:  Yes!

So, that is how we ended up getting up early and going to produce junction to get some celery (and cherries and watermelon) to make chicken salad.  Pk grilled the chicken and I made salad and sandwiches.  Then, in a fit of madness (it was a HOT and muggy morning), I baked a large batch of chocolate chip cookies. 

Em came down and we headed to the park.  I've never taken my wheel outside to spin and the thought appealed to me immensely.  I am always afraid that it will get damaged somehow but we made it ok.  I set her up and got a quad chair and I was set.  The park was empty so we didn't have to beat up any old people and steal the shade.  Em took a photo of me spinning.  I look deep in concentration which I guess I was.  I had just put on a new drive band and had to play around with it for a bit to get it situated correctly.
We spun and talked and ate.  There was a lovely breeze and it was relaxing and a terrific way to spend the late afternoon. 

What I hadn't thought about was the interest people would show in the wheels.  People would walk by and stare discretely.  Then one guy came up and started talking and went off on a tangent that included Hitler and Margaret Sanger.  He seemed to equate the two. I said "that's bullshit"  and I defended Ms. Sanger (who was responsible for bringing information about women's health and birth control out in the open) .  He stopped directing his conversation at me and moved onto Pk.   Poor Pk put up with him for a little while as the guy moved all over the map.  Eventually, he left and a family with two little boys came over. 

The mother was talking about how her mother used to spin cotton and then weave it into rugs.  She told me that no one spins anymore.  I told her that it was a thriving community and she'd be surprised at the numbers.  Her husband made some inane comments about my toe ring and how Em and I looked like sisters.  It was slightly surreal.
We stayed as the sun went down over the river.  The ranger made her way around on her little ranger cart to tell us that she was closing up.  We put all our things into the cars and she came by again to tell us she was "closing the gate".  I guess she was ready to go home.

We got home and put away the food and I took a shower and was in bed by 10.  I was tired. 

This morning, I made pancakes and bacon which Pk consumed as he watched England play it's World Cup game.  The US game wasn't broadcast here on cable yesterday so he's hoping he can catch it on replay this afternoon.

Me?  I'm moving as little as I can get away with.  It's a hot day.  The temps are expected to hit near 100 degrees F so moving around is not something I want to engage in.  We turned off the a/c to see if we can llive with it until later in the day.  There's a london broil to put on the grill with some potatos and vegetables for dinner and some cold watermelon. 

Em's one year anniversary of the alien spine baby surgery passed quietly in early June.  I called her and wished her Happy Anniversary.  She said "you remembered!".  (like I could forget!).  She had a CAT scan this week and it's clean.  It's hard to believe it's been a year. 

Time to put away the hot laptop and find a cool place to sit.  Have a good Sunday.


amy said…
Wow, a year. I hadn't realized either. That just whooshed by! Spinning in the park sounds like a great way to spend the afternoon, even if it did attract a little crazy. It's hot here, too. Not sure what we'll do today--we can't go too far without hitting traffic.
Jeanne said…
That sounds like a wonderful day - other than the odd comments you got from people!

I can't believe its been a year - but happy to hear that she's healthy and that all is well.
Roxie said…
Has it been a year? Hooray!!! Do alien babies get birthday cakes?

What a splendid day! May you enjoy many, many more.

I was doing spinning demos at the county fair, with raw wool, washed wool, carded wool, and finished yarn to show people. A mom brought her little (5 - 7 year-old)girl over and had her feel the raw wool, then told her, "Feel how greasy it is? That's called linoleum. It's sheep's sweat." The kid spent the next few minutes wiping her hand on her jeans.

When you spin in public, watch where people are looking. I noticed most of the men watch the wheel, and most of the women watch your hands. Even babes in arms. Let me know if you see the same division of interest.
Anonymous said…
a year has passed so quickly. I read her anniversary news on facebook and coudn't quite believe it. And here she is . It's so great.

Spinning wheels in the park! That is just fabulous and clever. Apart from the jerk who annoyed you. There's one in every park.
Olivia said…
I like your new glasses! Spinning in the park looks like fun.
KnitTech said…
Spinning in the park, that sounds wonderful.
Amy Lane said…
Wow-- the spinning in the park sounds AWESOME--the attracting ancient mariners? Like you said, surreal. Margaret Sanger and Hitler, hah? Yeah... I had a conversation like that with the neighbor's in-laws. The woman was convinced that the right wing had education's best interest at heart because pulling all money out of schools equaled "Non-interference by the government." I had to walk away--but then, it was her brother's house and not a lovely park, where you and Em CLEARLY owned the day:-) (And congratulations on a splendid, alien-baby-free, anniversary!)
Sheepish Annie said…
I like the idea of spinning in the park! Although I don't think I would have been quite so tolerant of the commentary. Yikes!
Dianne said…
Hooray for a clean CAT scan
Anonymous said…
it never ceases to amaze me the weird things that people say when i knit in public. its as if have licence to be rude and obnoxious. genuine interest is great tho. and a fantastic way to spend a hot sunday!

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