We have had an eventful weekend and now it's almost over and it's time to  pack up the bags and get things together to get ready for work tomorrow. 

First thing we did this weekend was go to the movies and see The Sorcerer's Apprentice.  It was entertaining and actually quite a fun movie (as long as you're not looking for anything profound or thought provoking).  The special effects were good and the young man who played the apprentice (Jay Baruchel), whom I've never seen before, has absolutely gorgeous eyes. 

After the movie we went to dinner and had an unsatisfying meal at Applebee's.  It wasn't the worst meal ever but most of the food was not tasty.  Our server was personable and tried really hard so we left him a good tip.  It's not his fault the kitchen was having an off night.

Saturday dawned bright and hot (after a thunderstorm  woke me up at 4:15 am) and I decided to block out a small lace stole (called Little Leaves Stole) that I finished.  I used some cashmere blend sock yarn in a lovely green color.  It's probably one of the easiest lace patterns I have ever attempted and it blocked out into a shoulder covering stole or a generous scarf.  It's destined to be a gift so 'nuff said.

I did the lanudry and then we left the house at 5 pm to go and have dinner with some friends.  We've been to this place before and knew it would take about half an hour to get there.  We had to get gas and a bottle of wine so an hour was giving us plenty of time. 

We got the gas and the wine and headed toward the bridge.  We were about a mile from the bridge and traffic stalled.  We figured it was just 'shore traffic' but it was too heavy for that.  Since we weren't moving,
Lulu decided she wanted to drive so Pk allowed her to try.  I reminded her she doesn't have a license to drive in NJ but that didn't seem to faze her at all. We sat in the traffic for an hour before we got close enough to see that the bridge was down to one lane.(the sign announcing that there were delays was about 500 feet in front of the toll booth)  Five lanes of traffic had to merge into one and then move onto one lane on the bridge.  Lulu was not terribly patient with all the waiting and was yelling rude things at the other drivers so she had to sit in the back.

We decided to pull an illegal U Turn and try another bridge.  We didn't have to go too far out of our way and got to the restaurant only an hour and 15 minutes late. 

Dinner was delicious.  It's an all you can eat buffet and men with grilled meat on swords come to your table and cut off slices of meat for everyone at the table.  It's all wonderful.  There are enough vegetables to balance out all the meat and we sat there for two hours eating and drinking and talking.

Lulu fell asleep so we left her in the car.  She wasn't happy about that so we took her to the lake today.  She immediately asked for a blanket (but settled for a bandana) and plopped down onto the sand to sun herself.  Pk asked if she might be more comfortable without the soccer jersey.  "Take off my David's number?  Not on your life!"  She seemed to enjoy herself (and so did we!)  We hadn't planned a trip today but as I was brushing my teeth, I could hear the cicadas making noise and the sun was shining.  I knew the grocery shopping had to get done but summer is so short.

So, we packed up and hit the sand for a few hours.  We came home and I went shopping and discovered that 4 o'clock on Sunday afternoon is a great time to go.  No one else was in the store.  Elanor and I got through the shopping in about an hour.

At this point, we are watching Season 3 of Blackadder and enjoying the last bit of the weekend.  It was a good one.  And way too short.

Aren't they all?

Lulu says "Have a good week everyone!"


amy said…
Things around here (like, um, washing floors, scrubbing toilets...) have been sliding a bit as we take advantage of the sunshine. The one rainy day last week was almost a relief--it took the pressure off a bit! I would choose the beach over the grocery shopping any morning, and as your karmic reward, you got an unbusy supermarket! Perfect.
Anonymous said…
very funny to see lulu hanging out with you guys in your northern summer. that scarf yarn looks very scrummy!
Rose Red said…
That sure is an eventful weekend! We had lovely sunny weather here too - although not quite beach weather!
Roxie said…
I'm so pleased to see how much fun Lulu is having! Good on you! It sounds like a glorious weekend, except for the bridge delay. Lake time? Oh yes. Seize the day!

The lace looks exquisite. Bravo!
Kate said…
I wish I could have gone with you, but I really had to do laundry. I was on my last clean bra.
And I'm surprised Lulu wasn't eyeing up any of the lifeguards!
KnitTech said…
Yes, love the logic in telling you right before something is going to happen.
Alwen said…
I haven't been to an Applebee's since I had two bad meals there in a row. I won't go back to any place that can burn a hamburger to charcoal on the outside and somehow leave the middle raw!

Anyway. I love the scarf! The pattern and the color work so well together.
Little Leaves: Is that from one of the Jamieson Shetland books?
And can you send some of those storms up our way? My dogwood is about to die.
Bezzie said…
Ha ha! I love the blissful look on Lulu's face despite the fact she's wearing a wool coat and it's a bajillion degrees outside!
Olivia said…
Yes, weekends are all too short. I love Blackadder, especially season 3. And that lace stole is lovely, I hope you can show us more photos after it has been gifted.
Jejune said…
I'm sure Lulu felt right at home watching Blackadder, the show is a big favourite at our place too!
DPUTiger said…
Those are fantastic Lulu pictures. Hate it when you don't know about road closures until it's too late to have options for other routes. Sounds like Dinner #2 was great!
Amy Lane said…
Oh, Lulu-- YOu know, she seems to fit in with the New Jersey thing quite well! What a little hedonist:-)

The stole looks lovely--and I'm glad your weekend was sweet!
Amy Lane said…
Oh, Lulu-- YOu know, she seems to fit in with the New Jersey thing quite well! What a little hedonist:-)

The stole looks lovely--and I'm glad your weekend was sweet!

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