Today I joined a new website.  Well, a social network.  Does this surprise you?  I mean, I took forever to join ravelry and have yet to join facebook.  I'm not a joiner by nature.

Then I found Grace In Small Things.  The concept fits right into What You Think On Grows.  It's all about noticing the small GOOD things around you and appreciating them.  I have been reading them on for a while and put off joining until today.  Why today?  I have no idea.  For some reason, today felt like a good day to join and to start my own GIST postings.  I make no committment to do it on a regular basis, just when I notice things I want to share/be grateful for/point out to everyone else.

So, here we go,

Grace in small things , #1

- having an mp3 player with a battery life long enough to play all day
- emails from my daughter
- unsweetened iced tea
- summer sunshine
- M & M's (god I love them)

Nothing profound, just little things that make my world a better place to be in.  What small things surround you and make you happy today?


Louiz said…
cool lemonade. The nice breeze. My daughter's face as she ate an ice cream - both the smiley and the messy:)
Alwen said…
My husband and our son are away at camp.

Yesterday I went out to the store to buy the stuff I always want to buy, but tell myself "No" about, because we don't need it. I bought stuff like fancy cookies and the Chinese dinner that only I like. I thought I'd spend a fortune, but grand total spent was only $13!

The difference between what we need and what I just wanted was only thirteen bucks. Amazing.
Rose Red said…
A good cup of tea, preferably made by my husband first thing in the morning. Bliss.
Bells said…
lovely. I always think that if we wait only for the profound, we'll be waiting a long time. The small things may not always be profound but they help sustain us, yes even M&Ms!
Sheepish Annie said…
I ate a fresh cucumber today and smiled for half an hour. A cucumber, for crying out loud! I guess you never know what will end up being that small thing for which you are grateful!
Bezzie said…
I had a crappy day at work and had to work late.

However the day melted away when I got home and Moochie grabbed my hands and made me do the pee-pee dance with him (where you stand in one place and stamp your feet manically like you have to pee) and when Chunky actually answered the Final Jeopardy question right (I didn't know the answer!)
Em said…
Today, I picked tomatoes from my plants. There's just been a thunderstorm and the air smells sweet and fresh and damp and promising. I have enough to pay my bills, and to be able to do small things for people I care about. My kitchen is (relatively) clean, and I am going to lay down next to the man I love. I'll wake up next to him, too.
KnitTech said…
Oh yes, the MP3 player. Can't live without that. The pool at the gym, even if it's full of swimmers.
DPUTiger said…
finding a new cleaning service where I really like the owner, they appear to be doing a great job (they're here right now) and they're cheaper. It's worth every cent to me to pay somebody else to do it.

Friends and family are at the very top of that list. I'd be in big trouble without my awesome husband, my best friend and my knitting buddies, in-person and in blogland!
Roxie said…
A cool morning, a warm bathrobe, sleepy cats. Friends like you, who remind me of how incredibly fortunate I am, are NOT small things. You are a major blessing!!
I like unsweetened iced tea too, especially with mint.
Having spare needles and yarn to make the next project I've just gotta make right now!
A storm to clear the air and end the heat wave.
Good coffee.
M&M's peanut, but they tend to hang around my hips forever.
Anonymous said…
i have no trouble remembering the GIST, every day i remember how lucky i am to still be breathing! my favourite small thing at the moment is the feel of wool through my fingers and how happy my dogs are to see me when i get home from work. great post xx
Amy Lane said…
You're right, sweets-- that is PERFECTLY you. Graceful in the details of life, all the way!

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