On Saturday,  my mail carrier came up to the door and presented me with a box.  (Yes, we still get mail on Saturdays here in the US.  I'm not sure how long that will last but for now it's still happening).  I wasn't expecting anything in the mail and didn't recognize the address.

Then it hit me.  I ripped open the box and out popped Lulu.  Yes, she's been hitchhiking and travelling around this part of the world since Roxie smuggled her into the US in her baggage. 

She jumped out of the box and stretched.  "It's so hot in there.  Where am I and when do we eat?".

After some explanations, she was content to lay back on the bed and relax.  "Party tomorrow?  Soccer?  Men in shorts?  I'm so there."

And she was.  You can read about her exploits over on Kate's blog.  She seems to have had a good time.

Things have been quiet.  The weather is hot and very humid with heavy rains and floods last night and this morning.  It's a little hot for a sheep so she's been quiet.  I promised her a trip on the train to Philadelphia if she behaves.  We also told her we'd take her to dinner with us on Saturday night if she promises not to flirt too outrageously with the waiters and our friends.  She reluctantly agreed but I'm not sure.

We had some spectacular clouds this week (before the rains).  Before the humidity got so high that it became hard to breathe, I was sitting outside.  (And btw, the Off fan thingy doesn't work.  I have many bites on my legs.  They're small but extremely itchy.  So, it's a thumbs down for the device).  On Sunday, while my family was watching men in shorts kick a ball around, I was keeping Hobbes company outside and watching the huge billows of clouds float overhead.  They were so big and just so cool looking.  I kept putting down the knitting so I could take some more photos or just watch them float by like balloons in a parade.

Pk finally collected the rest of the wood for his stash.  This is about a third of it.  If you look closely, you can see the letters on the sides.  P=Pear.  W=Walnut.  G=Ginko.  The ends get painted white to keep them from drying out and cracking.  There is an awful lot of wood out front of our house.  He has much more stash than I do.  I'm not much of a stash-er.  I tend to buy what I need for a project and am often giving away the odd skeins to people who need "just a bit of something" or people who want to learn.  I do have a bunch of sock yarn but I always know what that will grow up to be.

I have about 500 yards of the laceweight yarn I used for the evenstar left and I was thinking of the Estonian lace scarf that was on knitting daily's site a while ago.  I love the nupps and I loved working with that yarn.  It might be a good hot weather project since it's so light.  And the scarf is so feminine and pretty (duh, it's Estonian lace!).

Our forecast calls for heavy rain and high temperatures for the next few days.  Yuck.  We won't be sitting outside for a bit and no one is moving very much.  We had to give Hobbes a bath for fleas on Sunday. ( needless to say, he loved us very much and was thrilled with this extra attention!)  With all the rain we had in the spring, there seems to be an insect explosion.  The cicadas are loud and the crickets are out in force.  And the mosquitos.  Let's not even talk about the mosquitos.  I look like I have the measles on my legs with all of the little red marks. 

As I said, we are going to dinner on Saturday night.  It's a brazilian bbq place with our friends and my brother and his wife.  And Lulu.  Hopefully, she'll be on her best behavior.


Alwen said…
I just heard the first cicada shrilling by the driveway this afternoon, and one startled me when it flew out of a tree and nearly whacked me in the head. They are big!
Bezzie said…
The skeeters seem to enjoy my ankles. Never mind the rest of my leg, must ankles must be really tasty!
Louiz said…
I used to get bitten dreadfully, but I started taking garlic supplements (I was told they would boost my immune system, which they sort of have) but the biggest bonus was that insects seem to hate it.

Hope Lulu has a good time!
Roxie said…
Lulu,even on her best behavior, is still a force to be reckoned with. She is such a party animal!

Love the clouds! And happy knitting.
KnitTech said…
You have met Lulu's auntie right?

Bummer about the Off fan. I would have been all over it.
Lulu is cute but couldn't find her on the other blog.
So glad for the rain; my hydrangeas and dogwood were close to death.
Jeanne said…
I haven't had any mosquito bites this season but I got bit by a spider on the bottom of my foot and its driving me crazy!

Brazilian bbq? Yum!
Kate said…
Lulu is at this post:
Galad said…
Lulu's best behavior is questionable. I'd plan a quick getaway in case she gets out of control!

I can't say I miss those itchy bites.. Not many skeeters in our part of the country but then we have spiders and scorpions.

Try to stay cool!
Olivia said…
good luck with Lulu Naughty. And I know how much my dogs don't enjoy their baths so I don't imagine cat bathing is a whole lot of fun! At least he wouldn't have been cold.
Sheepish Annie said…
Hi Lulu! You have more interesting plans for the weekend than I do. Enjoy! You are in fantastic company. :)
Jejune said…
Thank you for putting up with Lulu, you're very brave! She is irrepressible!

I don't envy you the mozzies, or the humid heat, yuck.

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