Grace in Small Things

-air conditioners
-sleeping late
-knitting days (days where you only do what you love)
-thunderstorms (not sure if it qualifies as a small thing, though)
-husbands who go out for donuts

Yesterday was the hottest day I can remember for the past few years.  I know there are places in the world that regularly have 100+ degree days but we are not supposed to be one of them.  I was grateful that I could hibernate.

Today we're expecting thunderstorms that may clear out some of this backed up heat.  We are looking forward to them.

I started a new pair of socks for Pk this week.  It's the Lighthouse Gansey socks from Ann Hanson in knitty.  I like the design and had printed the pattern out a while ago and was just waiting for the right yarn to come along.  Well, the July yarn from artwalk came and it's a lovely brown/yellowy beige color and is making some really nice socks.  He was surprised when I showed him the socks.  "I get another pair?" but he liked them. 

Here is what happens to some of his wood stash.  He cleans the bark off the hunks of tree and then slices them down into slabs.  Rough boards.  This is a pile of walnut and pear wood boards.  There are several large tree pieces still in the driveway but he is slowly whittling it down (hehe pun intended). 

The ends get painted to keep them from drying out and splitting.  It's a lot of work but he seems to enjoy it.

He's on his way to the bakery to get some donuts for breakfast and I'm going to make some eggs and then put something into the crock pot for dinner.   As delicious as the shrimp salad sandwiches were last night, I crave a real meal with real home cooked food.  If I put something into the crockpot and then make some rice this morning while it's not too hot, I can microwave the rice to heat it up (or make a cold rice salad) later and then slice some tomatoes and we can have real food without a lot of time in the hot kitchen.

We opted not to go to the park last night.  Normally the temp goes down at the end of the day but it didn't seem to be letting up any so we decided not to go out.  Today will be another slow day.  Pk will slice up some more wood for a while and then we'll wait for the rain that is supposed to bring us some relief. 

Even Lulu has been quiet.  I told her she could come to work with me tomorrow and that pleased her for some reason.  She's pondering what to wear and is talking about a bikini for the beach on Friday.  Sigh.  It's as bad as having a teenaged girl.

Keep cool, y'all.


Bezzie said…
I read that we've had 35 days this year of 90+ temps. Ugh. HOw did the pioneers do it? Working the fields and the kitchen in this heat? UGH!

The thunderstorms on Friday night swept in the very hot weather, I hope they have the reverse effect today!
Galad said…
Enjoy your quiet day and keep cool
Alwen said…
After a while, I get a little cabin-feverish stuck in the house by the air conditioner.

Today we are having a "cool" day, only 77 F so far and only 61% humidity. I hung laundry outside and I think it will actually get dry!
Roxie said…
Lulu in a bikini? The mind boggles.

Crockpots are wonderful in the summer. they don't heat up the whole kitchen, but you still get a real meal at the end of the day.

And what a trooper PK is! Donuts for breakfast - woohoo!
KnitTech said…
I love to watch thunder storms.
It was 62 deg F when I got up this morning. Forgot what that felt like. Delicious!
Anonymous said…
i hope you got those storms and its cooled down a bit. they're the best thing about summer here, the storms (im looking for silver linings there!)
bells said…
100+ is certainly pretty hot. Our peak summer days are that and above - when it hits 103 it's just about as bad as you can imagine.

Enjoy the storm - I hope it comes!
Jeanne said…
Great socks - I love the colorway.

Hope you are enjoying the cooler weather!
Amy Lane said…
Lovely socks, sweetheart-- and I'm thinking cool and breezy thoughts for you!
Sheepish Annie said…
We didn't quite hit 90 today and that was a blessing. But it was super humid so it felt quite nasty. OTOH, I'm happy that it is summer so I won't complain too much.

Stay cool and enjoy those awesome socks. I love the color!

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