I wasn't planning on getting up this early today but our power went out at 6:30 and the lack of the sound of the window fan woke me.  It's funny how quiet the house is when the power goes out.  Our house is generally quiet with just the three of us but all of the appliances make a background hum that you don't notice until it's gone.

Here's my cuffed sock.  I'm a little further down the foot at this point but I wanted to show you the color of my yarn.  I love this.  When it first came, I thought it was brown but in the light, there are so many other colors in there.  The pattern says to do 15 rows of stitches before the heel after turning the cuff but it made it way too short.  I think I doubled it.  I kept trying it on to make sure it would fit and now it's about perfect.  It's such a cute pattern.

We've obviously gotten power back which is a good thing for a lot of reasons but today it's a good thing because we are heading out to Baltimore for our nephew Keith's wedding.  I wouldn't want to leave while the power was still out. 

We have a reservation at a nice downtown hotel and are planning to go to the Baltimore Museum of Art before we check in this afternoon.  The wedding is at 6 so if we go down this morning, we'll have a few hours to wander and be inspired and awed by the art.  Pk wanted to go to the Baltimore Aquarium but we learned that it gets very crowded and the tickets are timed.  Since we're working with a limited amount of time today, we'll stick with the museum. 

And speaking of Art, we are going to a benefit show for Mikey Wild next weekend.  His family and friends are having a musical tribute and sale of his art.  One of Pk's friends and his wife is coming down to have dinner with us and will meet us at the gallery.  She's getting her phD in psychology so I think she might find Michael's art interesting.  I just want to see some of his other stuff and maybe pick up another piece.  The proceeds will help defray funeral costs so it's a good cause.

The mural at work is finished and I thought I'd end here (I want to strip the bed and wash the sheets and towels today.  I'll finish the laundry tomorrow when we get home.  And I still need a shower) by showing you my favorite bits.  Have a good weekend.  (I promise to have Pk take a photo of me in my summer time dressy outfit)
the rose hedge

the daffodils

the tree and streams

and we have a beach scene

This one is one of my very favorite parts because it's almost just a suggestion of a painted wall.  It's like you catch a glimpse out of the corner of your eye. It's soft and subtle.  The hint of a mountain stream pouring down. 

Time's a wastin' so I'm off.  Enjoy your day.  I think we're in for a stormy day.  Cloudy, humd and very still.


amy said…
The mural is great. I'd love to have something like that beautifying my work space.

Enjoy the wedding! I'm looking forward to the photo of you in your finery. ;)
Rose Red said…
I love the colour of the sock yarn too - so many shades, but still works so well with the lace cuff. Beautiful!

Hope you have a lovely time in Baltimore, a great plan to do a bit of sightseeing while you are there.
Roxie said…
The mural is awesome. What atreat to be there.

Your socks are so beautiful. Wear them with joy.

Hope the trip is a delight.
Bells said…
that sock yarn is amazing. It's busy and yet not. Someone's got a great eye for mixing!

Hope you've had a lovely time in Baltimore!
Olivia said…
Those socks are going to be fantastic. It's funny how colours can look quite different knitted compared to how they look in the ball/skein.

The mural is a truly interesting thing to have in the workplace. Was just having a conversation with some friends last night about the lame decorating attempts seen in some government offices - eg numerals and quotes about statistics decorating the walls of the bureau of stats(!) I'm in a transport area and am so tired of seeing blown up stock photos of trucks, roads, railways etc.
DrK said…
such a gorgeous mural. we have painters here at work at the moment. white walls and purple doors. boring. yay for mikey's exhibition, what a great idea. look forward to hearing more about baltimore considering im going to be there this time next year (shall i drop in for an iced tea!?) detailed weather and sight seeing tips please :)
Alwen said…
That is a gorgeous sock.

Our power outages usually start with noise, because each of our computers are plugged into backup power supplies, and they all have beeping alarms that go off when the power goes out!
KnitTech said…
The sock is awesome. Hope the wedding was fun.
catsmum said…
fabulous mural ... so ethereal
love the colour mix in the sockies too. Will be watching your progress with 'bated breath.

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