We went outside last night hoping to see the aurora from the CME (coronal mass ejection) but were disappointed.  No lights for us.  Partly because we're too far south and partly because of all the 'trash lighting' from the city nearby.  There we were standing out front  looking at the sky.  One of our neighbors drove by and I could only imagine what he/she was thinking, "what are those strange people doing outside staring at the sky?"   Well, that's who we are. 

The hats/socks went over well.  I didn't go to the shower.  I have a clinic in both the morning and afternoon on Monday and that hour at lunch is my only time to just relax.  I didn't want to give it up.  Especially since neither of these young women are people I'm close to.  I did hear that squeals were involved and so I assume they liked them.

This week is Restaurant Week in Philadelphia.  It's a way to get people to eat out and try a restaurant they might not try otherwise.  It's a fixed price meal, 35 dollars for 3 courses.  We are going to The Palm.  We've eaten lunch there once before and it's rather expensive but really good.  I think it'll make for a nice Date Night.  We'll meet for drinks at a bar across the street from the restaurant after work.  Then we have reservations for 5 (the only time other than 9:30 they had left and I don't like to eat so late).    Dinner out with my best guy.  Can't wait.

I'm listening to The Hunger Games.(Suzanne Collins)  Anyone else ever heard of it?  At Christmas, my 11 year old niece told me about it and said she loved it.  I got it on audio book and it's amazing.  Do you know The Lottery by Shirley Jackson?  (if not, this is one short story you shouldn't miss).  It's kind of the same premise but way more complicated.  I got finished the 3rd part and the story took a huge leap forward.  It wasn't until I stopped and looked at my player that I realized I was missing part 4.  I went back to the library website and redownloaded it.  That hour made a difference.  Now I understand what's going on better.  I highly recommend the book(s).  I think there are 3, maybe more but I've only listened to half of book one.  I'm not sure I want to get to the end because I like several characters and the story line is that they will all (but one) die.  If this were a book with pages, I'd flip to the last page and read it but I've never done that with an audio book. 

Did you realize that January is almost over?  Work is a bit crazy since we have a state inspection next week, a county inspection in early February and the Joint Commission on Healthcare Accreditation has to come some time between now and April.  I'm kind of hoping they just come soon and get it over with.  All the stress and angst and anticipation is WAY worse than the actual inspection.  We have to meet the same standards as a hospital and it's a bit rediculous sometimes.  For instance, no magazines in our waiting areas.  Why?  Because people lick their fingers to turn the pages and that leaves germs.  No cellophane tape on doors/walls.  Why?  Germs can stick to the tape.  And it goes on and on.  All of our bulletin boards have to be covered in plastic.  I have no idea why, probably the dreaded GERMS.  Like I said, I wish they'd just come and get it over with.

It's been near 50 degrees here again all week.  It means that we're seeing insects that we don't usually see until Spring.  There were flies!  In January.  And the damn stinkbugs.  They're everywhere because it hasn't been cold enough long enough to kill them off or send them into wherever they go.  They give me the creeps.

My hair continues to grow.  My hair stylist keeps it all layered for me so it looks ok.  I'm still getting used to it.  Pk likes it.  That's what makes it worthwhile.

So, that's all the news from here.  I'm off to check on the soup on the stove and put some haircolor on my grey roots.  I've decided I'm just not ready to let it go yet.

One day but not this day.


Roxie said…
We had heavy cloud cover, so no aurora for us.

Of course the young mommas loves the hats and sockies. Who wouldn't?

Your date night sounds a treat. Bon appetite!
amy said…
I never, ever read the magazines in doctors' offices. I always assume they're full of germs. The worst are the ones inside the exam rooms, where you know people were looking at them half-naked, too. And they never LOOK clean, either. Yuck. This is why god made knitting--so we don't have to touch disgusting waiting room magazines in our boredom. :-)
Kaye said…
I avoid stuff in the waiting rooms of pediatricians' offices. That's way worse than a couple of people licking their fingers to turn pages! Ha ha!

Yeah I will admit, the Northern Lights are amazing. But right now I'd settle for the stars...too much light pollution here too.

As long as you don't pour the soup in your hair and eat the hairdye I think it's a good day. (Lately I don't know if I could make the distinction between the two!).
Amy Lane said…
I need to order more audio books--but I don't commute as often. I do miss books--so much of my time is spent writing, I don't get the time to read that inspired me in the first place! And yeah-- showers are exhausting. The thank you note will give you quiet satisfaction!
Galad said…
I listened to the Hunger Games before Christmas and really enjoyed it. The next two aren't as strong. Enjoy!
Galad said…
I listened to the Hunger Games before Christmas and really enjoyed it. The next two aren't as strong. Enjoy!
KnitTech said…
It's hard to say when the CME will hit. Check out Space Weather lots of good sun information.
DH and I once drove up to rural upstate NY to try to spot an aurora following a CME; saw a green glow, maybe 'twas and maybe 'twasn't.
One day I hope to see a real live aurora. In the meanwhile, I look at the photos on spaceweather.com.
Olivia said…
I really enjoyed the first book of the Hunger Games, the other two not so much. Would be interested to know what you think of all three if you continue.
DrK said…
i am looking at some grey strands in amongst my dark roots. i do not like them. and i am not going grey enough to go grey, if you know what i mean. chemicals are my friend. and yay for long flowing layered locks. look forward to seeing how long they are by june! my friend kris loved the hunger games, im going to have to try them.
Bells said…
The Lottery! Yes! That was in my short story course at university and it stands out so memorably. I must look it up again. thanks for reminding me!

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