If I ruled the world.....

If I ruled the world, there are more than a few things I would change but they are too numerous to go into now. I'll just expound on one of the things that really irritates me. Well, it's something that is irritating me at this moment.

Today is Friday. Not an irritating thing. In fact, since I don't work weekends, a rather good thing. I came into work today at 7:30 am and managed to finish my work by 10:00 am. I mean really finished. As in, nothing to do. Nothing. No extra paperwork or treatment plans or phone calls. I have been sitting at my desk playing on the computer and reading the newspaper and walking around visiting people and now I am sitting here watching the clock. Ok, it's now 1:15 and I have to stay here because I work for a place that believes that it's important for people to be at their desks whether or not they're busy.

This drives me crazy! So, when I become Empress of the Universe (maybe not in this lifetime), I would make it so that people were 1) paid fairly for the work they do and 2) when they were done their work, they could go home. I think it would encourage people to work more efficiently and ultimately get more work done. There are some days when I have more than enough work to keep me busy for the whole day and I work hard those days. But on days like this, it's like a punishment to have to sit here. I can play on the computer at home if that's what I wanted to do. If it were more private I suppose I could knit but I'd rather do that at home, too.
Sigh. So now I am waiting for Pk to tell me he's ready to go home and then I'll leave anyway (we drove in to the train station together. Rather nice actually). It's a holiday weekend here in the US and a long one. Lots of folks took today off so it's rather quiet. I took Tuesday off so I'm looking forward to a 4 day weekend and it's killing me to sit here. I feel like a kid.

On the knitting front, I finally finished the socks for my aunt. Plain stockinette socks with blue and grey self striping yarn. And I am almost finished a pair destined for someone's Christmas stocking. I wound three skeins of laceweight yarn into balls last night. Each one is just over 100 grams. It took a long time. There are a lot of yards in there. I am chomping at the bit to cast on for a shawl from Folk Shawls. I can't decide between the Japanese kimono shawl or the Fir cone shawl. Anybody ever make one of those? I'm forcing myself to wait until I finish the Wildflowers Shawl and hopefully I'll hear from Teresa this week with some more yarn.

Well, I hope you all have a good weekend whether it's a long one or not. Here in the US it's the unnoficial last weekend of summer because school starts and the pace of life picks up again. Parking lots at the train station will go back to being crowded and so will the trains.

Well, it's 1:30 now. Thanks for letting me spend some time with you all.


amy said…
Yep, I feel the same way. I had one job as a research assistant in behavioral health, and the PhD in charge just wanted to cross "hire RA" off her list, so I was hired well before there was enough to do. I was so bored. So, so bored. And I thought, why do I have to sit here and make up things to do just because they hired someone before they had 40 hours worth of work? I hate wasting time, even if I'm getting paid for it. I left after 5 months. And then the PhD (in psychiatry) called me at home to accuse me of stealing. It's always the psychiatrists who are crazy, you know.

Enjoy your long weekend! And I meant to comment on the last post, I don't think it's weird not to have a TV. My kids are pretty much totally off TV now because Vaughan is even more hyperactive once it goes off, and I can barely handle regularly hyperactive Vaughan.
Bezzie said…
Traffic goes back to being a nightmare next week. Ugh.

I hear you, I hate the Friday before long weekends--it's the worst! But hey, it's over now--enjoy your four day!!!
Galad said…
On the bright side - by the time I read this you were already home enjoying your weekend! Have a good one and happy knitting.
Alwen said…
Ugh, I used to hate that too!

I spent many years doing office work. Or maybe it seemed like longer because of time like that.

All I know is that now I'm cleaning banks after hours, and I'm working the whole time. I clock in and out by calling a phone number. And when I'm done, I'm done.

Who knew that I would grow up to be the janitor - and like it so much?
Jeanne said…
There is nothing worse than having to stay at work when you have nothing to do! I made the Kimono shawl last year - it was a great pattern and turned out well. Enjoy the long weekend!
Bells said…
there's only so much 'pretending to look busy by surfing the net' you can do after a while, isn't there? Or the myriad of other ways there are to fill in time in an office.

Have a lovely, lovely long weekend!
Amy Lane said…
That's an awesome rule! When I am Empress of the world, any kid who ever gets sent out of class for being too bored and too twitchy to sit still will be taught to knit, crochet, or needlepoint so that they will learn the skills to keep them from going banana-poop when they're bored! Together, we can wipe out dumb-rules-for-offices forever!
Rose Red said…
Hope you are having a great weekend Donna Lee, wish I was having a long weekend too!
TinkingBell said…
Ha yes -and when I am empress of all I survey things will be different too - I will adopt that rule and all the other good ones and my minions will get the day off if they;ve done everything and my henchwomen will enforce it!

And dammit - if you're good at stuff and do it quickly why the hell shouldn't you get to take the time off! Pfft! Bureaucrats!
Roxie said…
If you're good at things and do it quickly, for God's sake don't let anyone know. They will give you more to do! And when you manage to walk on water, they will ask you to trot across the lake for some more beer. If everything is done, and you have cleaned your files and your desk drawers, you can always clean out your purse.

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