I was having a conversation with Emily last night. As an aside, have I ever told you how nice it is to have adult daughters? It's wonderful. We can talk and enjoy each other's company without me feeling like I have to watch their manners or worry about how they are comporting themselves. I am free to enjoy the lovely women they are.

So, Em and I are talking about our lives and what we are knitting. I mentioned the Pignoli bag I am supposed to be knitting for the client that gave me the painting. Notice the words 'supposed to' in that sentence? I haven't made much progress because it is BORING to knit. And the hardest part about it is that I will have to give it away when I'm done. The young woman admitted that her artwork took "about 15 minutes" to do. I like the painting and am amazed it took only 15 mins.

So, in the back of my mind is the thought that no one said I have to knit the bag and then felt it. I could buy some felt and lining and sew a bag for her.....I was considering it and Emily, my brilliant daughter, suggested the same thing. I could go to JoAnn fabrics and buy some red felt and some cute lining and make a bag. Much less work and just as lovely results. Then if I want to finish the Pignoli bag, at my leisure, I could keep it.

I think that is the plan. I don't mind knitting things that take time or knitting things that I will give away. I guess I mind that it is soooooo boring and I feel like I have to work on it to finish it quickly since she has already given me the painting. This gives me a solution that I can live with.

So, a trip to the craft store (oh the hardships I live with!) will be in order. I hope I can find some nice bright red felt and some arty lining. I think I have about 4 weeks until I see her again so I'l have time.

I am looking for another job. I put my info into career builder today and they gave me 34 jobs in my area! The problem is I'm not sure I want to stay in Human Services. I might like a change but have no real idea what that would be. I know that I want out of here. I adore my supervisor who recently went to bat for me again. It seems that when I requested my time off for my surgery and the followup procedures I didn't file for FMLA (family medical leave act). If you are taking more than 3 sick days in a row, you have to file. I didn't know this. I only knew that if I got my time pre-approved it wouldn't count against me at evaluation time. One of the Directors said she thought I had violated the sick leave policy and deserved to be written up. I was so upset. I got all my time approved and thought I had gone through channels (I even spoke to our HR person beforehand) and now I find out I was wrong. The policy says it's up to the manager's discretion as to whether time is approved or not. She approved it so that should end it. I called the head of HR and he said "you should have filed FMLA" After a long discussion, it ended with him saying that if the time was approved, it should not count. Phew. But I don't need the stress. It makes my stomach hurt.

I've been here for 14 years. You'd think they'd know me by now. Thankfully, I have a supervisor who is a pitbull when she thinks someone has been wronged. You could not have a fiercer person on your side. She's one of the reasons I stay. That and 5 weeks of time off a year. I know that I won't get that anywhere else and I'd miss it.

Stay tuned......


amy said…
Good luck. You never know what else is out there until you look. I think you would be an asset in so many areas, not just human services.

And oh, you should totally feel no guilt on the bag. Have fun fabric shopping!
Dianne said…
Your daughters are lovely women because that is how you raised them! I can tell you were always there for your girls, and now they will always be there for you. I've never had kids, but I do have a wonderful relationship with my mother (and father). I don't know what I would do without them.

Good luck on the job hunting. It's such a shame that they are being so nudgy (is that a word) about such little things. They will never find someone who cares as much as you obviously do.
Sheepish Annie said…
It couldn't hurt to at least apply for some other jobs and see what they have to offer. Sometimes a change is a good thing, even if it's just a short term solution. I move around a lot now. I kind of like that!

You deserve to be treated better. No one should have to feel like they did something wrong simply because they needed medical attention, for heaven's sake!
The FLMA is BS, or the interpretaion of it is. And I hate "corporate" rules and regulations. Bah! Good luck with your job search.
Bezzie said…
I like the bag option. It will be faster and more interesting.

Huh, that's good to know about the FMLA. Granted I work with a bunch of employment attorneys that are flippin' out about NJ's new FMLA tweaks, but I could see them forgetting to inform me of something like that!
Galad said…
Good idea on the bag. Of course Em seems to be a very creative young lady so it isn't surprising. Our adult daughters are a gift to treasure.

I agree that it wouldn't hurt to at least consider other job options. Even with a supervisor to go to bat for you, the stress does sometimes take a toll on you.

And personally - I think it is HR's responsibility to make sure FMLA is being complied with.
Amy Lane said…
I abhor looking for jobs--there's a reason I've stuck w/Natomas for so long--I'm so glad I finally have a principal I can respect.

Good idea with the bag--see, that right there is one of my problems with felting. I just can't see putting in all that time!
Em said…
I will send some good job vibes your way. I can't speak to the joys of having adult children, but I can certainly say that I enjoy the relationship you and Dad and I have. It makes me smile to know we can call and just talk.
Bells said…
Oh I'm sorry you are looking for a new job when you've always said you enjoy your work, if not always the management.

But good luck! Something will show up, I'm sure!

Good thinking on the bag, too. I'll be intrigued to see how it works out!
Rose Red said…
Shame your work is being so thingy about leave - gosh, how annoying and frustrating!

Good luck with the job search - I am sure you will be an asset to any organisation you choose.
Roxie said…
I'm with Galad. HR should have reminded you about the FMLA stuff. Isn't that what they're there for? All's well that ends well I guess.

Don't suppose yu could claim harrassment, could you? Sounds as if that one yoyo has it in for you.

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