Good morning! As I was reading BigCat's blog this morning (thank you Bells for helping me to find it!), I have been pondering upon what she said. ("Ponder might be too strong a word, it is only 8 am). "It's one thing to say it, it's another to live it". Kinda of like walking the walk not just talking the talk. I started thinking of all the people I know who actually live what they preach. I can think of one person off the top of my head. She's coworker who is a religious and a spiritual person. She also spends a good deal of time working with her church youth group and goes with them for a week each summer to build/rehabilitate houses for folks in need. And it's always a hot place, like Tennessee in July. She's an Intensive Case Manager which means she goes out into the community and to court with her clients, most of whom are homeless or in shelters. She just does this as a matter of course. I admire her. When I told her this, she brushed it aside and said "it's what I do".

I'm sure I could think of others in my life who live what they preach, and I'll bet you could, too. Today, I'm going to try to be the person I am in my mind's eye. You know that person, you have one too. Just for today, I am going to give kind answers to anyone who asks, I am going to be here in the moment and not trying to just get through the day until I can go home. I am going to do my work cheerfully and not complain. I was doing some research yesterday for my group and ran across a website that proclaimed that it is not always the situation that is "bad" or "good" but our perception of it and how we react to it that makes it that way. So, today I am going to accept my work situation as it is and work within it to the best of my ability. The no complaints part will be a little difficult because of long habit but just for today, I'm going to try. I can do almost anything for one day. I'll work on tomorrow when it comes.

Now, in my mind's eye, I am also tall, thin and willowy. I'm not sure what I'm going to do about that one.


Sheepish Annie said…
That's why I tended towards the Adlerian theory when I was back in grad school and getting to know myself as a counselor. I liked the idea of seeing everything in context rather than just using the usual perspective.

But I don't always live that way. Thanks for the reminder on that one!
Bezzie said…
Yeah I always have a less-blockish head in my mind's eye ;-)

I've met a person like that too...and oddly enough she's a politician. Don't know if she's just a really good actress or truly walks the walk.

It's OK, I'm a cynic in my mind's eye Hee hee!
Rose Red said…
I think that is a wonderful aspiration and if you can reaffirm it every day it will help you to live it (I am going to give it a go as well).

You know, I think if you carry yourself as if you are tall, thin and willowy you will actually appear to be more so. That's what I try to do anyway!!!
Amy Lane said…
Now see, my 'perfect me' is always confident, always brave, and people listen when she talks.

I like your 'you' much better.
Bells said…
oh what a nice challenge. I'm sure blogtoberfest post #3 will be all about how you went with it.

I will ponder this too.

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