I found this image in an online search for 'sock images' (I also found a link for emo sock images but you had to sign up so I have only my imagination as to what they would be!).

Actually, I am wearing my Go with the Flow socks today. Yay! Pair number 5 and they are on MY feet. They are a perfect match to the sweater I am wearing. I so enjoyed the pattern that I will probably make another pair.

I had a thought (yes, in the middle of the week) about the Brown Bag Sock Club (that's how I think of it). Suppose once or twice during the year, we exchange sock yarn. Anyone who wants can put their name in and we'll send each other small packages with sock yarn, patterns and possibly some goodies. It would not cost anything other than postage and would give everyone a surprise which is (to me) the best part of a club. You would send one of your brown bags to someone else and get a brown bag in the mail. Anyone interested? I'll organize it. The first exchange could be March/April and maybe one in August/September. Leave me a comment. I don't want to make this too complicated. If there are only a few people, then so be it. It'll still be fun.

Yesterday was marginally better than Monday. I spent a good deal of the morning playing IT for one of the doctors. I wish I could just say No. Today I am headed to the dentist for part eleventy thousand in the saga of the tooth. She's going to cut the crown off my tooth and we'll make a mold for a new one. It involves biting down on this really yucky green gooey stuff that hardens like plastic. I have a really strong gag reflex so this is torture for me. I am holding out hope that she will be able to just pull out the old crown and I can have it repaired. Then I can start arguing with the insurance company and the people who made the crown about just who should pay for this procedure (it's almost a thousand dollars). I may let Pk duke it out with them. He's more aggressive than I.

So, let me know if you're interested in the Brown Bag Sock Club (BBSC) exchange. I started my January pair last night. I'm using a pattern similar to embossed leaves from 25 Favorite Socks but it's called Leaves of Whimsy. It's an easy pattern and will look good in the variegated yarn.

So, what's in your January bag?


amy said…
I think your exchange idea sounds like fun. I don't have my feet under me enough (ha! no pun intended) to do this for the whole year, but maybe for the second half of the year. Could I just participate in the second swap, do you think?

Good luck at the dentist, and with the insurance company, too.
Bezzie said…
Ugh, yes, I remember those molds from my braces-days. They are utterly gag worthy. Good luck!

And why the socks I'm wearing today are really cool too!
Rose Red said…
yes, count me in too. Although I think I'll have to make up a new brown bag for the swap bag (I hope that isn't too selfish of me - some of the yarns in my club were gifts, and so I couldn't give those away!)
Galad said…
I'm in.

Hope your dental visit went better than expected.
DPUTiger said…
I'm late to the party, but if there are still spots for either exchange, let me know! :-)

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