I went to a funeral today. When I went into the funeral home, I did not know the woman who had died. When I left, I knew her a little better.

I went because I have known the woman's granddaughter since she was a very young girl. She is a friend of my daughter and for a while we worked together at CVS. She is one of the nicest young women I know and she had a hard time growing up. Her mother has an addiction problem and to say she was erratic would be an understatement. Her grandmother was the stabilizing force in her life and her inspiration.

Today I learned that her grandmother, Norma, had been a librarian, a gardner, a woman who was meticulous in her dress and manner, a bible reader, a good cook, loving, kind and sweet. I learned all of this from a young woman who found it within herself to get up in front of a room full of people and talk about the woman she loved and would miss so much. She did it with grace and love. I was so proud of her today. I'm sure Norma was enormously proud.

It is raining again. The temp is just above freezing so it's cold. We had to get out the pump and there are great lakes of water on the lawns and a river running down the street. It could be worse. It could be ice.

Now I'm going to go and finish up Pk's scarf. I only have a few grams of wool left and I'll use it up. It should be long enough to wrap around his neck. I should have made it narrower and then it would be longer but too late now. I am really pleased with the way it came out. It's the best yarn I've spun and gives me hope I'll be able to make some more.
ETA: the scarf goes easily around his neck, it just doesn't wrap around twice. It fits quite nice actually, the width keeps his neck warm all the way up to his ears.

I hope you are all dry and warm. Go find someone you love and give them a hug.


Amy Lane said…
Aww... Donna Lee, you have such a lovely, warm perspective when you look at the world. I'm sure your presence there meant a lot to the young woman, when she was very probably thinking everyone like a mother to her had gone.

The scarf looks wonderful-- maybe a button hole and a handsome leather button to fasten it around his neck would make the 'shortness' look on purpose.
Galad said…
I'm sure your presence meant something to your daughter's friend, and you helped honor the life of a good woman. That means a lot these days when people are so busy.

The scarf looks warm and cozy but masculine :-)
Bells said…
So sad and poignant - a beautiful experience to learn a little more of someone under such circumstances and offer support to her granddaughter. Lovely.

And teh scarf is looking great.

I'm gonna go hug Sean right now.
Julie said…
Hugs to you, and your friend.

I find funerals come in two types; the inspiring kind, and the 'I need a drink now' kind. I'm glad you got one of the inspiring, at-peace ones.

You were a very good friend to go. And a loving person to knit a gray scarf.
Roxie said…
A short, tuck inside the coat scarf is very manly and practical. And what glorious, masculine yarn that is. PK is one lucky dude!

Funerals are for the living. They're a way of supporting and comforting the survivors. You made an imprtant gesture of love when you went. Bless your heart!

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